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Happy Juneteenth 2022: Food and Festivities Guide

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Freedom Day menus, live and virtual celebrations
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6/18/2022 - Revised for clarification and Barnes Foundation Father's Day/Juneteenth event added

Juneteenth (June 19th) is now a national holiday and becoming another food-focused celebration and I’m all for it! I’m not from Texas, where the celebration originated, but the common thread woven in all Freedom Celebrations is soul food.

Here are some ideas to help you start or refresh your Juneteenth menu.

Bring on the flavored-filled veggies and try to have a plant-based menu. Owner of Food 4 Life Meal Prep, and Lola’s Signature Cookies, Lynn Parker created a magnificent menu for Wide Open Eats:

Lynn Parker’s Perfect Juneteenth Menu

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich with Cole Slaw

Black-eyed Peas w/ Vegan Italian Sausage

Sautéed Kale

Watermelon Salad w/Vegan Feta
Watermelon Salad with Vegan FetaLynn Parker, Food 4 Life Meal Prep

Peach Cobbler w/Strawberry & Peach Drizzle
Peach Cobbler w/Strawberry & Peach DrizzleLynn Parker, Food 4 Life Meal Prep

Hibiscus Lemonade w/Ginger Syrup (Red Punch)
Hibiscus Lemonade w/Ginger Syrup (Red Punch)Lynn Parker, Food 4 Life Meal Prep

Click below to read all about Lynn’s Juneteenth journey and Red Punch recipe

Lynn Parker Shares The Perfect Juneteenth Menu
Juneteenth wasn't "officially" celebrated in Lynn Parker's home as a child. However, after researching the holiday…

Juneteenth Virtual Events

The fabulous folks at Eat the Culture are hosting another virtual event and Juneteenth celebration on Monday, June 20, 2022. For a fun, free online celebration join Eat The Culture’s 2022 Juneteenth Joy Event and Virtual Cookout.

For other amazing menu ideas and recipes check out their curated list 19 of recipes. I’m going to try Savor and Sage’s African Soul Rice Salad with Crispy Collards inspired by Michael Twitty’s recipe in The Cooking Gene.

If this recipe is as good as Flights and Food's Spicy Berbere Lentil Chili from Eat the Culture’s 2022 Black History Month Virtual Potluck — this will indeed be a joyful Juneteenth.

Philly Juneteenth Celebrations

Sunday, June 19, 2022, 8:30 PM at The Barnes Foundation Father's Day on Juneteenth "From the Root to the Fruit: Portraits of Black Fathers & Their Children"

From 20+ Ways Greater Philadelphia Is Celebrating Juneteenth in 2022

Moment of Reflection

For many African Americans Juneteenth is a new and bittersweet celebration. While I love the idea of having another holiday to celebrate with good, food, family, and friends — the day has an undercurrent of sadness and tragedy. It’s a national day to celebrate the emancipation of our last enslaved ancestors.

In 2022, the nation is still divided, and Black people are still fighting for equity, inclusion, safety, and peace in our personal and professional lives. Hate crimes are at a new high and corporate greed is taking appropriation to a whole other level.

Meanwhile, some politicians and groups are denying the scourge, pain, and impact of racial and domestic terrorism as they deny Black history and push racist replacement theory.

All Americans should be educated and celebrate Juneteenth not just as a holiday but a day of national reflection and respect for the African ancestors that literally help build this country’s wealth, monuments, and culture. Every aspect of American life was inspired and influenced by Africans brought to America — from our financial and education systems to entertainment, food, fashion, laws, and policies. Laws like the Emancipation Proclamation changed and shifted industries and economies.

How can we have a holiday — that’s essentially illegal to learn about in K-12 schools?

Corporations especially retail stores — please honor Juneteenth so your Black employees don’t have to ask for a nationally recognized day off that celebrates their ancestor’s freedom.

Happy Juneteenth!

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