An Open Love Letter To The LGBTQ Community: Happy Pride Month

Teressa P.

Thank You For Being a Friend

Dear LGBTQ Community,

Thank you for being a wonderful friend and Happy Pride Month!

As a cisgender, African American, Black woman raised in a traditional, conservative Christian family — my family always taught me to love and not to judge. I was taught to treat ALL people with respect and dignity.

I don’t care who or how you love someone as long as it’s a healthy, happy relationship. I use the term “community” instead of individuals out of respect and to protect people past and present who are not out and have not shared how they identify publicly with regard to their sexuality and gender. Sadly, it’s not always safe living out loud. Therefore, I understand those who can’t or choose to remain silent at the end of the day – you have to do what’s right for you.

I don’t know everything about the LGBTQ community and I’m learning more every day. If I make a mistake in this post, please correct, or critique with kindness and charge my error to my heart, not my intent.

Now back to the love — This spirit brought many beautiful people into our lives— my mother’s best friend and one of my closest and dearest friends are in the community and we love them as they loved us — fiercely, like family, and without an ounce of shame.

When I worked with at-risk and adjudicated youth, I learned how so many children suffered unimaginable traumas and found love and safety in the community. I made it my mission to show and return the love and protection I was given over the years. I’ve defended community members against hate, bias, and harm in my private and professional life and they’ve done the same for me.

It was my brother from the community who called out and stood up to racists. It was the community that came to my defense when I was attacked and showed me kindness and spoke truth to power.

As a mother, a Black woman, advocate, and activist it breaks my heart when I see division and divisiveness in my communities — across all our intersections. We need everyone’s voice, hands, heart, gifts, talents, skills, and influence to fight and unite against hate, injustice, and inequality!

As a matriarch, sister, loved one, and friend I want all my brothers and sisters of the rainbow to know you’re loved, accepted, respected, and supported.

I see, hear, and honor your truth — Thank you for being a friend!

Happy Pride Month!!!!

Love —  Your Big Sis


And if I could sing a tribute it would sound like this:

Thank you for reading!

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