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4 Places to Drink Amazing Bubble Tea in San Francisco


4 Places to drink amazing bubble tea in San Francisco


This place started as a small store in San Mateo and has now expanded to San Francisco, Foster City, Burlingame, and even LA. They serve a large number of various flavored boba drinks of all types of fruits (blackberry, green apple, pomegranate) furthermore as flavors like peppermint and almond. Tpumps prepares its own tea before mixing it with a flavoring, giving it an authentic tea taste to your drink. There can be long lines but it is well worth the wait.

Tpumps, 1916 Irving Street, San Francisco, California, USA +1510-398-8499


Looking for a classic Taiwanese-style boba milk tea? Look no further than ShareTea. Additionally to their classic milk tea, they need a bit called "Creama" which is milk tea mixed with a layer of cream. If that sounds too adventurous, take a look at their fruity flavors and frozen dessert blends. Also, boba is not the only thing that may be added to drinks. Ice cream, various jellies, and pudding are often combined with any drink. With locations in Berkeley and San Mateo, their milk teas taste as they came straight from Taiwan, China.

ShareTea, 5336 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, California, USA +1415-813-8296

Plentea I Courtesy of Robin Ngai


On the outskirts of Chinatown, Plentea thrives on reusable glass containers and fresh boba tea. It's one of the few boba places that offer a soy milk option for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic. Their prices are a bit higher, but if customers bring in the reusable glass bottle, they get 10% off their next drink purchase. Also, if you're looking to enjoy your drink quietly, head upstairs to the lounge and relax.

Plentea, 341 Kearny St, San Francisco, California, USA +1415-757-0223

Boba Guys
Boba GuysBoba Guys

The Boba Guys sure know how to make a good drink. They pride themselves on serving quality milk tea, brewing their own stuff, and lots of of their drinks actually contain an honest amount of caffeine to assist their customers stay awaken. one among the most effective things about Boba Guys is that they do not use any powders or artificial syrups in their drinks and even have the choice of freshly made jelly.

Boba Guys, 3491 19th St, San Francisco, California, USA +1415-967-2622

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