3 Growth Hacks To Quickly Gain Followers On TikTok

Teejay Hughes

TikTok seemed to have taken over in 2020, now it’s hard not to see it in the news. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay in 2021 so why not embrace it? In 2020, I grew from 1,000 followers in March to over 700,000 today and I'm going to share some of my best TikTok Growth hacks so you can get followers in 2021.


1. Use As Many Features As Possible

TikTok is overflowing with creative tools for its users, and the system rewards people who use them. Unlike other social media apps, TikTok indicates when creators use special effects—see the photo below. Above the username on the bottom left, you'll see a grey box with a star wand. This is the effect that is being used in video. TikTok often features trending effects on its discover page, and when you're one of the first to try them out, you have a higher chance of getting noticed.

Effects are the only features TikTok has to offer—it's Stich tool (which allows users to create a video using a portion of another video), it's duet tool (make a video next to another user), it's text-to-speech tool (have an AI talk for you in videos) are all features the algorithm wants you to use. It seems like every few months a new effect/feature/tool is released. The more to test out these levers within the app, the more attention you'll get on peoples 'For You' page.


2. Get Your Lighting Right

TikTok found itself in some hot water at the beginning of the year after it was accused of biasing specific videos over others. Regardless of that is true or not, it's clear that people prefer videos that are well-lit and clear. Having great light directly effects the quality of your videos—people want to know what they’re looking at. This doesn't mean all your videos have to be brightly light morning sun. It just means grainy, shaky, and blurry video generally does not do well on the platform.

3. Sound Matters, Choose Wisely

TikTok, until recently, was unmatched when it came to its ability for people to apply music to their content. Now with IG Reels and YouTube Shorts, competition is heating up. But TikTok still remains one of the best places to grow a following quickly. One of the best ways to quickly gain an audience is to hop on trending sounds as they appear. The best way to do this is to navigate to the Discover Page in the TikTok app (indicated with a magnify glass at the bottom). Here you'll find the trending Hashtags, Sounds, and Effects. Generally, this page is filled with hashtags, but every once in a while, the algorithm will be promoting a sound in this discover feed--this is the BEST time to use that sound.

Another place to find trending sounds is under the creation page. Hit the "+" at the bottom middle of the app and from there you'll see the word "Sounds" at the top. From here you'll see "Recommended" section and under that you'll see "Playlist." Here you'll see a fire sign with the words "TikTok Viral." This playlist of sounds are the top trending sounds on the app right now. Using these, will definitely get you on peoples For You pages.



TikTok is still riding its momentum from 2020 into 2021, the app is growing like CRAZY. Using these growth hacks and posting 1-3 time a day is going to jumpstart your account growth. Feel free to check out my account on TikTok @teejayhughes and reach out with any questions! Keep TikTokin'

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