Mississippi Accent Wins Hearts, Ranking Second in Nationwide Favorite Accents

Ted Rivers

Well, butter our biscuits!

Turns out our very own Mississippi accent has been voted the second most popular accent in the nation. A recent study conducted by Word Tips found that the warm, syrupy drawl native to our Mississippians had a whopping 35.1% positivity rating on Twitter.

While New Orleans nabbed the top spot with a 46.4% positivity rating, our Southern charm still stood out, beating the Hawaiian, Boston, and Pittsburgh accents among others. Word Tips analyzed the sentiment towards 165 accents throughout the United States, Britain, and 104 other countries worldwide by digging through a mountain of over 528,612 tweets.

Interestingly, our speech patterns and accents hold more than just charm, they're also tied to our emotions. The BBC cited a scientific study stating that people often feel more hurt when betrayed by someone whose accent they trust as compared to someone with an unfamiliar accent.

Now, if you're wondering about the world of celebrities, Idris Elba led the pack with his accent gaining a 77.7% positivity rating. As far as Americans go, Matthew McConaughey and Britney Spears were the only ones to break into the top 20.

As for the international scene, the Tunisian accent got the world's vote with a 52.0% positivity rating. Meanwhile, across the pond, Sheffield boasts the most popular British accent with a 39.8% positivity rating.

In the end, the comfort of the familiar Southern twang of the Mississippi accent has certainly held its own, showing that our linguistic flair is appreciated not just at home, but also across the nation.

We Want to Hear from You

Now that we've shared the good news, we want to hear from you. What do you think about the Mississippi accent being voted the second most popular accent in the nation?

Does it make you more proud to call Mississippi home? Or maybe you're surprised that our state didn't take the top spot? We're all ears (and accents) here.

Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us with your thoughts. Let's celebrate the beauty of our homegrown accent together!


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