North Dakota Accent Ranks Among the Nation’s Most Charming

Ted Rivers

Good news, folks of the Upper Midwest!

You know our charm extends far beyond our pristine lakes, welcoming communities, and love for cheese. Turns out, our distinctive accent has also been making waves nationwide, leaving folks across the country as warm as our renowned Midwestern hospitality.

In a study recently conducted by Word Tips, the Upper Midwestern accent, famously sported by citizens of states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, ranked ninth among America’s favorite accents. Based on a study of over half a million tweets, our distinctive regional twang earned a positivity rating of 27.4%, putting us comfortably in the top ten.

Coming in first was the lilting accent of New Orleans, scoring a whopping 46.4% positivity rating. The cool, suave accent of actor Idris Elba was considered the world’s favorite celebrity accent with a positivity rating of 77.7%.

Interestingly, Matthew McConaughey and Britney Spears were the only American celebrities to make it to the top 20. On the international scene, the Tunisian accent earned the title of world's favorite national accent with a 52.0% rating.

Accents, as it turns out, are more than just a regional quirk. They are also deeply emotional. Trusting someone with an accent that sounds like home can profoundly impact our feelings, a fact backed by science.

Over to You, Upper Midwest!

So, what do you think? Are you proud of our accent's charm and widespread appeal? Or maybe you think it deserves an even higher spot on the list? We want to hear from you, from Minneapolis to Fargo, from Duluth to Madison!

Please, share your thoughts with us. Send us an email, drop us a line, or post on our social media. Let's celebrate what makes our Upper Midwestern accent so special. Is it our long 'o' sound, or perhaps our affable intonation that, much like our winters, is hard to forget?


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