Minnesota Accent Turns Heads: One of America's Favorite Accents

Ted Rivers

Upper Midwesterners, rejoice! Our accent, that charming lilt that represents states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and parts of North Dakota, is warming hearts across the nation. According to a new study conducted by Word Tips, the Upper Midwestern accent is a resounding favorite, ranking 9th in the U.S.

This unique research, which used a Hugging Face AI algorithm to analyze a whopping 528,612 tweets, awarded our endearing Upper Midwestern accent a 27.4% positivity rating. It seems our 'oh yahs' and 'you betchas' are capturing more than just the cold winter air.

The New Orleans accent stole the show with a 46.4% positivity rating, ranking as the most popular U.S. accent. However, we've comfortably settled into the top ten, nestled between the Philadelphia and Cajun accents.

Globally, the study found that the suave and smooth accent of actor Idris Elba took the title of the world's favorite celebrity accent with a stellar 77.7% positivity rating.

Matthew McConaughey and Britney Spears were the only American celebrities to make it into the top 20. The most favored national accent, on the other hand, belongs to Tunisia at 52.0%.

What makes this study so fascinating is the realization that accents are emotional. There is a scientifically supported claim that emphasizes the significance of accents in social interactions. For instance, betrayal by someone whose accent you trust tends to hurt more than from someone whose accent you don't.

Calling All Upper Midwesterners

We'd love to hear from you! How do you feel about our accent being one of America's favorites? Does the unique twang of our accent bring a smile to your face, or do you think it should rank even higher?

Don't be shy to share your thoughts. Send us an email, give us a call, or post on social media. Let's discuss the charm of the Upper Midwestern accent. What makes it so special? The friendly intonation, unique pronunciation, or simply because it's the sound of home?


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