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Bronx Accent Breaks Top 20 in America: Talk About Borough Pride

Ted Rivers

Next time you're chatting at the corner bodega or cheering on the Yankees, take pride in your distinctive accent.

Turns out, our very own Bronx accent is one of the top 20 most beloved accents in America, according to a recent study by Word Tips.

That's right! Amid a sea of 165 accents from the U.S., the U.K., and 104 other countries, our unique blend of New York City linguistics has charmed its way to the 14th spot on the list, with a positivity rating of 24.4%. Not too shabby, huh?

The study applied a Hugging Face AI algorithm to analyze a whopping 528,612 tweets, determining whether they were positive, negative, or neutral. It just goes to show that people have a whole lot of love for the way we speak.

The Big Easy, New Orleans, claimed the top U.S. accent spot with a 46.4% positivity rating. Meanwhile, on the international scene, the Tunisian accent charmed the world the most with a positivity rating of 52.0%. As for the celebrities, Idris Elba’s accent took the world by storm with a 77.7% positivity rating.

And let's not forget the power of accents. A BBC article suggests accents carry emotional weight. For instance, betrayal by someone with an accent you trust can hurt more than from someone whose accent you don't. And that's a scientific fact!

We may not have topped the list this time, but we've definitely made our mark. So let's continue to converse, argue, laugh, and love in our unique Bronx fashion, showing everyone what makes this borough so exceptional.

What's Your Say, Bronx?

We're eager to hear what you think about our Bronx accent making the list. Do you think we deserve a higher spot? Or is 14th place just right for us? And who do you believe best represents our beloved Bronx accent?

Let's get the conversation rolling! Share your thoughts on our social media pages, shoot us an email, or just chat with a fellow Bronxite about it. Because no matter what, when you're from the Bronx, you know how to make yourself heard!


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