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Good News High Tiders - Our Local Accent Makes a Splash in National Popularity Survey

Ted Rivers

In North Carolina's coastal communities, the distinctive High Tider ("Hoi Toider") accent is as much a part of the local culture as the sea itself. So, hold onto your fishing nets and crab pots, because this unique dialect is making waves on the national stage, according to a recent study conducted by Word Tips.

Sounding like a mix of Old English, Irish, and Southern twang, the High Tider accent from our beloved coastal towns like Ocracoke and Harkers Island has secured a respectable 17th spot in the Top 20 list of America's favorite accents. With a positivity rating of 22.5%, our local lingo is rubbing shoulders with the likes of accents from Texas, Maine, and New Jersey!

The study, which sifted through a staggering 528,612 tweets, utilized a Hugging Face AI algorithm to gauge the positivity of discussions surrounding 165 different accents throughout the US, UK, and 104 other countries worldwide.

Accents have a profound impact on our perceptions and emotions, as highlighted by a BBC Future article. Even scientifically, we feel a greater sense of betrayal when deceived by someone whose accent we trust than by someone whose accent we don’t. Interesting, right?

On the celebrity front, the British actor Idris Elba's accent stole the limelight with a whopping 77.7% positivity rating. The only American celebrities to reach the top 20 were Matthew McConaughey and Britney Spears. Now, wouldn't it be fun to hear them attempt a High Tider accent?

Despite being outscored by accents from New Orleans (46.4% positivity) and Mississippi (35.1%), we have much to be proud of as the distinct High Tider accent continues to charm listeners across the nation. But, as we all know, living on the coast teaches us to weather the highs and lows. Here's to making it to the top next time!

Your Thoughts

We'd love to hear from you. Are you surprised by the ranking? How does the High Tider accent make you feel? And just for fun, who would you like to hear mimicking our accent? Let us know in the comments section.

After all, we're not just high tide dwellers; we're High Tiders, and our accent is our badge of honor. Roll on the tide!


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