Floridians on the Verge of Cannabis Freedom: Trulieve's Smart & Safe Campaign Gains Traction

Ted Rivers

In a significant development for the cannabis industry, Trulieve Cannabis Corp, a leading U.S. cannabis company, announced today that the Florida Secretary of State has validated over 965,000 signatures for the Smart & Safe Florida campaign.

This campaign aims to bring adult-use cannabis to the state of Florida and has secured enough signatures to secure ballot placement for the 2024 General Election.

If passed, the initiative would grant adult Floridians aged 21 and above the freedom to use cannabis products for personal consumption. Trulieve, with its established presence in the Florida market, is a strong advocate for the campaign and believes that Floridians are ready to embrace the benefits of adult-use cannabis.

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers expressed confidence in the campaign, stating,

"Our investment demonstrates our firm belief that Floridians are ready to experience the freedom to use cannabis for personal consumption; a freedom which is currently enjoyed by more than half of America's adults. With over 965,000 validated signatures from nearly every part of our state, it is clear these voters share that belief. We are thrilled the campaign has made this milestone and look forward to seeing this initiative on the ballot next November."

The next crucial step for the Smart & Safe Florida campaign is to seek approval from the Florida Supreme Court, as required by state law and the Constitution, to ensure that the ballot language adheres to the requirement of addressing only one subject and clearly states the main purpose of the amendment.

"We believe the language, as written, comports with the single-subject and clarity requirements under Florida law and look forward to a positive ruling from the Court." Rivers added.

The Florida Supreme Court has established a schedule to commence this process, with opponents required to submit briefs by June 12th, followed by supporters by July 5th. It is important to note that any amendments to the Florida Constitution must receive at least 60% of the vote.

Your Thoughts

We invite our readers to share their thoughts on this important development. Do you support the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Florida? Share your opinions and insights in the comments section below.


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