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Drunken Horse Drawn Carriage Driver Handed DUI by Pennsylvania Police

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In one of the more bizarre stories from the weekend, Pennsylvania police office Shawn Hollobaugh made his strangest arrest yet. The incident happened in Brookville, where Officer Hollobaugh stumbled upon a horse-drawn carriage on his regular patrol.

After witnessing some erratic behavior on the road, the Officer apprehended the driver, an Amish man, who had been drinking before getting into the seat of his carriage.

"And as we went to the intersection, he kind of sped up a little bit, locked the brakes, the buggy slid sideways throwing sparks from the wheels," said Hollobaugh about the incident.
"He went up over, started up over Valley Street, about a hundred yards up, he pulled on over to the side of the roadway, stopped, and I pulled up aside and asked him if he was okay. He said sure, and I could tell that there's something not right with him as far as his speech and so forth."

What concerned Officer Hollobaugh the most was the size and color of the horse. He had black hair all over and weighed at least 1,200 pounds. If the horse had ended up in the wrong lane, it could have caused a serious incident had something hit it. It may have been hard to see the horse in the distance in low light.

Despite not having a motor, you can still be arrested for driving something like a horse and carriage while under the influence. As far as the law is concerned, if it's any sort of vehicle, you shouldn't be trying to operate it while drunk.

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