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Blizzard Warning Issued for Today In Selawik Valley and Baldwin Peninsula

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Blizzard conditions are expected to last through to noon in the Baldwin Peninsula and Selawik Valley. The National Weather Service is predicting that snow will settle between 2-4 inches. Thankfully the blizzard will subside around 12pm but whiteout conditions should be expected and travel will be rendered impossible.

Motorists should avoid driving in the blizzard at all costs. With winds gusting up to 40mph there will be whiteout conditions with blowing snow. The drifting snow is going to significantly reduce visibility during the blizzard.

Damage to power lines is a possibility. This could cause an outage in some areas. In the event of a power outage, it's wise to have an emergency power outage kit on hand. Ensure that flashlights have batteries and power banks are charged for emergency use with your technology like phones and laptops.

How to Stay Safe During a Blizzard

Going outside during a blizzard should be avoided at all costs. The freezing rain, low temperatures, and high winds can make it very unsafe. Stay indoors and keep warm as best you can.

Dress warmly with extra layers to preserve your body heat. Make sure you eat regularly to keep your body's energy up. Stay dry and swap any clothes that become wet because this can lead to a decrease in body heat.

Driving in a storm should be a last resort but if you need to do it there are a few things to do to keep yourself safe. Make sure you have a mobile phone on you and enable live tracking if possible. Let someone know where you are going and the route you will be taking. 

Take extra blankets with you on the journey in case you get stuck and need the warmth. If you are stuck, stay in the car unless there is help nearby. 

Blizzard conditions are expected to last until noon Monday in Baldwin Peninsula and Selawik Valley.

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