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The Easiest Survey Website To Earn Extra Cash
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Most of us are quite happy to sell out thoughts and opinions for money. It’s something that has been happening since I was a little boy.

It should be something that is quick, simple, and pays directly to you. Our data, which includes opinions, is worth a lot of money and people are willing to pay for it.

Unfortunately, many of those people are only paying up peanuts and because people will go for it, they win. Today I want to share with you the one app that breaks the mold.

A Brief History of Selling Myself

Once upon a time when I was around 8 years old, I was walking through town when a market researcher asked me to help them. They showed me a brand new Golden Nuggets advert followed by a few questions.

It probably took around 5–10 minutes and they gave me £5 for my efforts. At 5 years old this was the first time I’d ever earned my own money. Capitalism is tight!

Over the next 20 years, market research has become a con. Sites like Swagbucks, Qmee, and AttaPoll have risen to take advantage of people.

They offer pennies for surveys that take upwards of ten minutes to complete and then screen you out before you get paid. It’s gross and they are a stain to the side hustling community.

That’s why I want to share this survey app that does things completely differently. They pay well and the questions are capped at three. You’re in and done in seconds.


It’s called OnePulse and you can find them right here. This isn’t even a referral link. I’m just sharing one of the platforms I genuinely use to earn money for beer.

They send out a push notification whenever they have a new paid survey. It’s really handy to have on your phone because the money gets credited to your account immediately.

OnePulse is not like the other survey companies because the maximum number of questions asked is 3. They are usually multiple-choice questions and they take about 30 seconds to complete.

How much you get paid depends on your internal level, which you can increase by answering more surveys. I currently earn 29 cents per survey which work out to be $34.9 for every hour of my time.

That’s a level of time investment I’m more than willing to give them. 
There are tonnes of unpaid surveys you can do which gain experience and will boost your level so you can earn even more.

At level 1 you will start off at 25 cents per survey and the top level of 17 will increase your payout to 41 cents. (that works out to be $49.2 per hour investment)

Is There A Catch?

No, you are paid out according to your level. If you reach level 17 your reimbursement for every paid survey will be 41 cents.

The one downside to OnePulse is that they will screen you out during the survey if they reach the number of responses they need. This is an undeniable fault with the platform that companies should be concerned about.

It means that you have to power through questions without much consideration to ensure you get paid. This ultimately ends with results that aren’t necessarily representative of the surveyed audience.

This is a problem for OnePulses partners and not us. So I say go in guns blazing and complete surveys as quick as you can.

I haven’t been screened out of very many surveys so it’s not something to be overly concerned about. It’s a design flaw they need to work on, but our focus is on securing the bag.

All the surveys I have done have been completed within 30 seconds. This really is a different type of survey app that isn’t designed to take advantage of people.

Final Thoughts

The payout threshold is set to $20 and it can take a while to find enough surveys to reach this. I’ve chased out over $100 with them.

You’ll find that somedays you’ll get tens of surveys and other days you may only get one. It’s definitely something you need to have push notifications enabled for otherwise, you’ll miss them.

If you download it let me know how you get on! If anything is unclear, or you need some help — drop a comment here and I’ll try to assist!

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