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11 Reasons to Get Out Early For a Hike in Cleveland

Ted Rivers

If you plan on working out, the best time to exercise is when you have enough free time to dedicate yourself to it. For many of us, the best time to work out is in the morning.

Working out in the morning has plenty of benefits so consider this article your push to wake up early and get pumped. The early riser gets to enjoy a variety of benefits offered by nature.

Not so long ago, humans were moving a lot more throughout the entire day. Nowadays we tend to spend most of our time idle, sitting down, thanks to advancements in technology.

It’s far more convenient to have a specific exercise slot, and I’m advocating that that slot should be in the morning.

Let’s have a look at the benefits offered by waking up early morning for a workout!

Fewer Distractions

Exercising in the morning normally means that you are less likely to face distractions and hassles in your path. Your morning routine is an important part of your day, one that gets you ready and energized for the day.

A morning routine looks good if you make time for exercise, a proper breakfast, and some time for mindfulness — like yoga or meditation.

Once the day begins you are bound to get distracted by calls, messages, and other errands. With fewer distractions, you can give yourself properly to process and make your workout a success. Head over to the Cherry Lane Trail and join other early morning adventurers

Controlling the Cravings

By exercising, the appetite chemical named Ghrelin is reduced and the chemicals such as Glucagon-like peptide-1 and Peptide YY are increased. This maintains the hunger hormone and keeps the urge to eat at bay.

Studies have shown that exercise can actually be an appetite suppressant. Those who add proper exercise to their morning routine are less likely to overeat. This has been linked to hormones being released that reduce hunger and a boost in self-esteem which helps us stay within our calorie limits.

Improved food decisions

Deliberate exercise early in the morning can help you set the mood for how your day will be. Once you are done exercising in the morning, you will be more motivated to improve your food decisions.

The benefit of a morning workout is the encouragement you get to not ruin your diet for the day. When it comes to making food choices your mindset is more likely to be like:

“I can’t eat this pizza now as it will ruin my workout this morning.”

There is power in intentional living and an early workout is a great way to start your day. If you exercise later in the day your mindset could change to:

“I can eat this burger now and just burn it off later.”

Weight Reduction

As per the recent studies, early exercises might be best for getting more fit and losing weight. The fats burn down faster during the day, especially before breakfast. If you are planning to lose weight, then you should wake up early and burn fat before you begin the rest of your daily routine.

Exercise is one of the best solutions when you are trying to lose weight. Cardio, brisk walking, weight lifting, HIIT workouts, and many other forms of exercise are great ways for you to lose weight. If you are dedicated enough, you can start your day early and start your journey towards losing weight.

You will also benefit from the boost in energy that you get with early morning exercise. It may sound tiring when you read this, but actually working out early in the day gives you more energy.

Perfect for powering you through the midday slump.


Exercise in the morning serves as an important combatant against hormonal changes in your body that occur during the day. Exercise causes your body to produce more of a chemical named cortisol.

Cortisol keeps you alert and conscious throughout the day. It’s also called the pressuring chemical, it helps to motivate you and helps your body meet the challenge imposed by exercise. After an early morning workout, this chemical will rise during the day and its levels will lower in the evening.

Beat the heat

During the summer months, working out when the day begins will be easier than working out during the day. The warmth of the sun would hit the skin and help to make you feel energized.

Exercise at that time of the day will be more enjoyable than when the sun hits its peak. It won’t be a good idea to go out in the sun when it’s high in the sky. The heat is going to make working out much more challenging, you run the risk of sunstroke, sunburn, and dehydration.

Of course, this advice is mostly aimed at those who wish to work out outdoors. A spacious studio with good ventilation and air conditioning is going to be great any time of the day. If you wish to exercise outside, it’s ideal to work out in the early morning, particularly on warm days.

Avoid the warm, humid summer days in Cleveland by waking up early before the sun starts beaming down

More Energetic

Exercising regularly is highly important as a way to boost your energy and reduce exhaustion for the whole day. When you start working out regularly each day, your oxygen levels and nutrients travel to your heart and lungs thereby making them more powerful.

A regular exercise routine improves endurance, patience, and cardiovascular activity. By waking up early, you will feel more stimulated for the day. There’s a knock-on effect for people who are new to an exercise routine.

Once you get in your groove, each day will start to get easier, better in so many ways.

More focused

The early morning exercise makes you more focused, considerate, clear-headed, dynamic, active and improves visual learning throughout the day. During the days when you have a morning exercise routine, you tend to be more positive and have an improved perception throughout the day.

Controls Blood Glucose

Exercising in the morning is one of the best ways to control blood glucose. It also is an effective way to control Type 1 Diabetes. The studies show that diabetic patients who exercise during the day are believed to have better glucose levels than the ones who work out in the evening.

It lowers blood sugar levels and keeps glucose under control. However, diabetic patients should exercise under supervision as they might be in danger of hypoglycemia which might lead them to faint. As always — consult a doctor when you feel that’s appropriate.

Manage Blood Pressure

Exercising also helps in regulating blood pressure. It brings down hypertension and maintains the blood pressure and regulates the blood flow if exercise is done moderately.

A person with any kind of disease must first take advice from their doctor before opting for any kind of exercise. However, exercising should not need to hurt anyone. Do not push yourself far beyond your own physical limits. Not worth it.

Better Sleep

When you start exercising, you tend to have more energy during the day and your muscles become so relaxed that you tend to sleep soundly at night. It improves your sleep pattern and brings you more comfort at night. At times, you might find yourself so tired that you drift off to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow.

Final Thoughts

If you like what you read then this can all be yours for the low, low price of getting up 60 minutes earlier. If this seems difficult, or you genuinely don’t have mornings free in a way that can facilitate exercise, then don’t be discouraged!

While I do believe a morning exercise routine holds many benefits, exercise at any time is still going to be great for your health — both mentally and physically. Exercising is always a healthy way to reduce weight, increase blood levels, maintain your health, and keep you energetic throughout the day.

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