Four Easy Habits Every New Yorker Can Use To Get Fit

Ted Rivers
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I can pinpoint the year my fitness levels dramatically changed. When I was 7 I participated in my school’s cross country and achieved a respectable 6th place. I improved on this and came 4th the next year.

Then something changed.

I don’t know how, but I fell from 4th to something in the high twenties. Devastating.

This could just be because everyone else got fitter than I was but the more likely answer is that my fitness levels dropped.

I have always loathed the way I look naked and have been deeply unhappy with my overall fitness levels.

As many people do I fell into the cycle of “tomorrow’s a new day.”

I was always pushing things back or talking myself into the takeaway I knew I shouldn’t have. My willpower was virtually non-existent, after years of abusing my body with a lack of movement, gluttony, and bad sleep hygiene.

The poor thing had taken quite the beating over the years, but, tomorrow IS a new day. Even better… TODAY is a new day.

2 years ago I lost 40lbs and it was amazing. I felt the best I had ever felt and I had learned so much about good habits. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and I found myself resorting to my old habits to cope with an abusive relationship.

I started my journey again, from a similar place as I had before. These are the 4 incredible habits I developed that helped me become fit and healthy. It’s these habits that will help me get there again and I hope they help you too.

Walking is Low Resistance but High Reward

Walking is a fantastic way to keep up your fitness levels. A common habit among the fit is that they get their steps in. Walking is a lot easier than running as it is low resistance, you will find that you can walk a lot longer than you can run.

I’m not bashing running here, I’m just a bit of a fan of walking. A good step count to aim for is 10,000 steps daily. I find that I can walk roughly 100 steps a minute so to walk 10,000 steps I would expect it to take a little less than two hours in the day.
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You don’t have to walk for two hours straight. Do a little bit when you wake up, some more during your lunch break, and the remainder when you get home. Of course, if you find that getting it all out of the way is easier then you can do it that way too.

A good habit to get into is to get 250 steps in every hour you’re awake. It’s crucial if you work an office job, that you find some time to get a few steps in every hour.

Walk to work, or walk on your lunch break. I know there’s a large time commitment but you’ll never be able to find a good enough of an excuse not to get your steps throughout the day.

You Can’t Out-Exercise Bad Sleep

Sleep is a very essential part of life that is often taken for granted. Your body needs time to relax and repair itself, which it does peacefully while you sleep. Your body is actually hard at work while you’re asleep so having a good sleep schedule is vitally important.

Weigh yourself before you go to bed and weigh yourself after you wake up. You will see a big weight drop anywhere between 1lb to 5lb or more. This is because while you’re snoozing away your body is working very hard to get you ready for the next day.

During this time your body burns a great many calories and the scales will reflect that. However, if you don’t treat your body to the right amount of sleep it won’t be able to perform these tasks to the optimal standard.

The same is true for weightlifting and working out, your body needs to repair the damage caused but if you’re running on low sleep it will struggle.

So set yourself a bedtime and wake time and stick to it.

An Apple A Day
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When you’re feeling hungry ask yourself one questions:

Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?

This question helps to cut through the noise. Our brains like to trick us into thinking we’re hungry when we’re not. This can lead to overindulgence and helps to put on the wait. By asking yourself if you are hungry enough to eat an apple, then you will know if it is genuine hunger or not.

If an apple doesn’t sound like a good example, let’s face it they are delicious, then ask yourself about broccoli instead. Something you wouldn’t find yourself snacking on usually.

There are many reasons we want to eat. Eating releases lots of good brain chemicals so if our head wants a rush of the good stuff it will try and get it quick. Pause for a second and ask it, are we hungry enough to eat an apple. If the answers no, then you’re not hungry. Simples.

Another good tip if your brain is telling you it wants food is to try and have a big glass of water. We sometimes confuse hunger with dehydration. So first things first, have a glass and see how you feel.

A little is better than nothing

Motivation can sometimes be quite hard to come by. If you’re having one of those days where you’re feeling unmotivated then getting started is an uphill battle. In these instances try, if you can, to convince yourself to do just a small part of your workout. Do 10 minutes of your usual routine, or something low resistance. You may well find that you can get through the whole thing.

Before you settle in for an evening of Netflix, vowing now to exercise today, put your gym clothes on.

Hear me out.

The worst thing that’s going to happen is you binge The Crown in your workout gear. No loss. It might be that the simple act of getting dressed for exercise will be motivation enough to get you started.

This simple and easy task can kick the brain into the right mindset and you’ll suddenly have the motivation you needed to see it through. If it’s still not enough, just get a 10-minute walk in, or just do an easy part of your workout routine.

At least you can say you tried. And with any luck, the small act of starting will be enough of a spark to get you through your usual workout.

Habits of the Fit and Healthy and Now You

These are just a few easy tips to put into practice, you can start immediately with any of these. Soon enough you may see a complete difference in the way you approach fitness. I have been trying these all and I have been having more success recently than I ever have.

I am averaging about 15,000 steps a day, rarely falling below 10,000, if ever. Having had a big issue with food I found putting the apple test into play has really helped curb my “hunger.”

When you’re feeling unmotivated, and trust me we all have those days, just start with the smallest, easiest thing you can do. For me, I’ll put a podcast on and take a stroll around the block.

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