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What Are The Benefits Of Google APIS - Complete Guide

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When Google announced the Google APIS, a new initiative to make developers and product managers more aware of how other companies use their products, it was met with a chorus of boos. The timing was unfortunate since the launch coincided with the start of the Google-owned Chromecast, an overpriced HDMI dongle that doubles as a remote control for Apple TV. The announcement was also made simultaneously as Apple announced that they were discontinuing Flash in Safari on OS X Yosemite. In addition, the announcement came right on the heels of Apple's announcement that they would be releasing a new version of their browser, Safari, in September. Google is worth its weight in gold to any business operating in this digital age. Its search engine is one of the most recognized names in tech. It also makes key contributions to advertising revenue; currently, Google pays out $6 billion each year to its partners (i.e., advertising networks). So when we hear about Google's APIS — which is short for Apsense Platform Intelligence — it makes us wonder what kind of efforts are behind those headlines. Is it just another attempt by a tech giant to pad its earnings? Or does it represent some deliberate effort to give users more control over how their data is used? The answer isn't simple, but there are several factors at play that should be taken into account before jumping to conclusions or making accusations against one company or another. First, let's set some context.

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