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A company's biggest fear might be a data leak. It's a huge task to figure out what information got out, who has it, and what they're doing with it - not to mention all of the essential cleanup measures that follow. Even simple data breaches have resulted in the demise of entire businesses due to monetary and reputational losses.

Every day, fraudsters, thieves, and crooks of all kinds improve their data scraping capabilities, boosting their chances of acquiring sensitive data (even from damaged machines that haven't been able to start up in years).
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We understand that data security is a top responsibility for everyone who deals with sensitive data daily, whether a person, a corporation or an organization. We recognize the consequences of data breaches, no matter how large or minor, and take all required precautions to avoid them. One of the most excellent methods to actively prevent data breaches is to have your hard drives and other data-containing devices safely destroyed by electronics recycling services.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Dispose of hard drives and other data-containing devices securely to comply with privacy laws and preserve your business. (SSDs, USB drives, cell phones, backup tapes, and other devices are examples.)

  • At your facility or ours, hard drive shredding services can be conducted on-site or off-site.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued, as well as a serial audit report.
  • There is no such thing as a tiny or large number.
  • HIPAA, GLBA, and FACTA are examples of privacy legislation that must be followed.
  • Following the destruction, the material from shredded hard drives is 100% recycled.

Why is it important to properly destroy hard drives?

Personal Information: Many individuals are unaware that even computers used just for personal purposes are vulnerable to data breaches. You are in danger of being a victim of data theft if you have ever used a credit card, handled tax information on your computer, or kept passwords on your computer.

Customer Information: It is critical to safeguard any saved customer information. Even a minor data leak may cost you thousands of dollars. Data thieves are astute enough to obtain contextual information from a single breach, which can bring your clients a lifetime of problems. The best method to deal with data breaches is to avoid them in the first place.

Compliance: When managing sensitive information, government entities must comply with the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. HIPAA restrictions apply to healthcare practitioners. Disobeying these regulations can result in enormous fines and other penalties for individuals who do not comply.

Confidence in Your Company or Organization — When consumers or constituents believe their data was inappropriately handled, it can take years, if not decades, to reestablish trust so that they can contact you again. Some never will. Aside from the financial consequences and the work hours necessary in repairing data breaches, sensitive data leaks jeopardize your company's or organization's reputation.

Options for Data Destruction to Meet Your Specific Needs

Whether you're a school administrator, a member of a government agency, a company owner, or a private individual wanting to prevent having your identity stolen - Electronics Recycling has a safe data deletion solution to meet your requirements. We provide on-site destruction and e-waste pickup in addition to our usual in-house capabilities. We follow the stringent chain of custody protocols and adhere to all applicable compliance regulations.

Don't put yourself in danger of even a minor data breach; instead, secure yourself by handing your sensitive data to an industry expert with years of expertise in the sector.

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