Tips For Dealing With Fear And Panic (From A Panic King)

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Death. Sickness. Loss of control.

These have been my worst fears for my entire adult life and I still struggle with them daily. I even went so far as to develop a terrible panic disorder which only heightened my fear of losing control.

How do we deal with fear in a world so full of it? Every time you look at the news it seems some new horrible thing is happening. Don’t we have enough to deal with in our personal lives? And of course, I don’t need to tell you all of the terrors this last year has brought and the uncertainty of future life around the globe.

Here are some of the ways that I have found to regain some semblance of peace in a chaotic world.


This may seem laughable at first but hear me out. The root of my panic was always baseless and irrational fear. This only compounded and totally immobilized me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of help for many years so my situation only worsened.

It took me a long time to realize that I was simply sick and tired of being afraid. My entire life was on hold because I couldn’t find the courage to believe I was only scaring myself.

One day I decided I was going to make an effort to relax and shut my mind off. If I felt like panic was about to rear its ugly head then I was going to let it. It did of course because at that point it was present every day. But when it presented itself, I did my best to relax and try to reason what was happening.

I was anxious, but that’s because the panic caused an adrenaline rush in a situation that didn’t warrant adrenaline.

I would become lightheaded and feel dizzy, but again, I knew from many previous doctor visits that I was healthy and that these were common symptoms of panic.

My mouth would become dry and I felt like I couldn’t speak. Again, this is not uncommon with panic and can be cured with a bit of liquid or hard candy.

The worst part of course was the horrific feeling of impending doom. This is the hardest part to get over. Your brain is an incredibly powerful thing. So much so that too much panic can actually cause your body to produce physical symptoms that have no other root in your overall health. This is called somatization and it’s less than fun.

One thing that helped me to overcome the feelings of doom is what therapists will often instruct someone to do during an attack. And that is, I began to take control of my senses and focus on the things around me. What could I see, hear, feel and smell? This focus brought me out of my own mind and into the present moment, and reality. And the reality was that nothing bad was actually happening to me.

Take Care Of Your Neck And Back

Often times, at least in my case, a strange feeling would spark a full-blown panic attack. It didn’t even have to be painful, just strange. Anything remotely odd feeling would have me questioning my health and impending demise.

As it turns out, the years of stress, tenseness and poor postural health had misaligned the vertebrae in my neck. This in turn cause pinched nerves that resulted in a slew of symptoms that had me questioning if I was going to live to see tomorrow. Though it’s nothing a hot shower and a neck traction device can’t fix.

In the end it’s about taking back control when all you feel is that you’re losing it. Relax my friend, take care of your body and seek the proper health to get your mind back in order. There are so many more of us than you might imagine who deal with this affliction. I know how it feels to believe you are the only one but it simply isn’t true.

Find a therapist, a mentor or a friend. They are perhaps your number one resource in the fight against fear.

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