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What the new Unified Land Use Code could mean for the future of Littleton

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(LITTLETON, Colo.) What will the city of Littleton look like in the year 2040? That’s the main question the Envision Littleton initiative aims to answer by developing the Unified Land Use Code—and it’s asking for community input.

Littleton land use and zoning codes influence the economy, the development of real estate and the layout of the community. These regulations govern many aspects of Littleton, such as what land can be developed for residential use, transportation accessibility, the height and size of buildings, where neighborhoods versus commercial buildings will be located and much more.

Envision Littleton’s website stated that Littleton “currently has antiquated zoning which segregates land uses to certain parts of the city and hasn’t been updated holistically since the 1970s.”

As a result, Envision Littleton has developed a draft for new land use and zoning codes for the next 20 years called the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC). The draft was made available to the public on June 7 on the Envision Littleton website for community members to review and leave comments, offering their opinions and suggestions on how to improve the land use and zoning codes.

“The city invites residents, businesses, and stakeholders to check the work and make comments during the two-month public review and comment period from June 7 to July 30, 2021,” stated the Littleton Report on June 3.

Envision Littleton began in March 2018 as an initiative to create a comprehensive plan for the next 20 years in Littleton, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan developed by the Littleton City Council in 2019.

In addition to updating the zoning and land use regulations, the project also wants to address the “community character” of Littleton. This will involve conversations about more specific aspects of the Littleton area, such as the density and layout of the city, the scale and form of it and accommodating cars on the road. That’s why Envision Littleton is asking for input not only on the draft of the Unified Land Use Code, but also through online surveys about housing, the local economy and transportation.

However, the top priority remains solidifying the Unified Land Use Code.

“Drafting and adoption of the ULUC is a key step in the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan so that the policies of the Plan become a reality as Littleton develops and redevelops,” their website stated.

Community members with questions regarding the Unified Land Use Code can email the Littleton director of community services Kathleen Osher at

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