Bank of America Glitch Leads to Panic Over Zelle Payments

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This week, a Bank of America glitch led to a bit of a panic as customers noticed funds missing from their accounts when they made payments via the Zelle app.

TIME magazine reported on the situation, sharing comments from Bank of America users who experienced the major error firsthand.

One customer Tweeted, “I almost lost my mind when I saw $2,000 was missing from my account.”
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Another person posted, “So cool how @BankofAmerica magically disappeared a large Zelle transaction that HAD ALREADY POSTED and I had used to pay bills. Now I’m extremely in debt in my checking and I can’t get ahold of them. Unbelievable.”

As of 10:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday, January 18, reported over 1,000 outages for Bank of America, with a similar spike in Zelle outages.

Another Twitter user noted, "If you have Bank of America, Zelle is having an outage issue that's caused transfers over the last few days to disappear. They're working on it and it should be fixed today."

The warning continued, "Hopefully this helps you find out earlier than I did and without the heart attack it gave me first-thing."

Via an official social media account, Zelle told users, "The Zelle App & Network are up & running. We are aware of an issue that is impacting Bank Of America customers when sending & receiving payments. We recommend contacting Bank of America’s customer support team for additional updates."
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The snafu was made more concerning by the fact that Zelle does not offer payment protection like some other services, including PayPal. This makes it relatively easy for Zelle users to be scammed.

At this time, the Bank of America issue seems to have been resolved.

Were you impacted by this glitch?

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