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Mass. Homeowners Livid Over 135% Property Tax Increase


Hundreds of Massachusetts homeowners are livid due to property tax bills that have increased as much as 135% since last year.
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A report from Boston's WCVB notes that the town of Lunenburg is facing immense backlash from residents. Per the news network, the massive property tax increase means that many homeowners in the municipality will have to pay thousands of dollars more than they expected to this year.

Located in Worcester County, the small city has a population just over 11,000.

"So about $2,000 (property taxes have) gone up, and many of the residents can't afford this kind of a jump," homeowner John Fortune told reporters.

With tax bills due in just two weeks, some residents are unsure about what they are going to do. Per WCVB, the city's Principal Assessor CJ Carroll was "grilled" during a recent town hall meeting.

Apparently recent sales of lakefront homes were used to calculate property taxes, a practice residents in other areas of the town feel is unfair. Furthermore, people noted that the property value assessments were conducted during a period of hyperinflation.
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"In two years, they've tripled the value of the property," said Ken Chenis, a Lake Shirley resident.

He continued, telling WCVB, "My taxes have gone up dramatically from $1,600 to $5,099 per quarter."

Lunenburg's Select Board did acknowledge that the town failed to give residents enough notice regarding the bill increase. They are set to investigate how the miscommunication occurred.

What do you think about Lunenburg, Mass.'s major property value increase?

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