Beacon Hill Lawmakers Table Stimulus Checks For MA Families


In an unexpected move, Beacon Hill lawmakers have tabled promised stimulus checks for Massachusetts families.
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Mass Live reported on the situation:

Beacon Hill, thrown a massive curveball by Gov. Charlie Baker and news of a 1986 ballot measure that would force the commonwealth to return nearly $3 billion to taxpayers this fall, could not manage to salvage its existing tax relief and economic development package within the final hours of formal lawmaking.
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After Massachusetts state legislators failed to reach a compromise, Senate Ways and Means Chairman Michael Rodrigues announced yesterday that the proposed bill would remain in conference committee for the time being.

In addition to offering the previously promised tax relief, the bill allocated hundreds of millions of dollars for hospitals, environmental infrastructure improvements, economic development, and affordable housing.
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Rodrigues did assure the press, however, that certain components of the bill may be addressed during "informal sessions" over the next several weeks:

“We need more time to really figure out do we need to address 62F,” Rodrigues told reporters, referring to the tax cap law that will likely be triggered this fall as the commonwealth is awash in surplus revenues. “We don’t even know exactly what the impact is going to be. ... It’s a lot of money.”
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For the time being, though, Massachusetts families who were hoping for their $250 stimulus checks to arrive soon will have to wait at least a little bit longer.

What do you think about this legislation being tabled for now in Boston?

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