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Update: The Disappearance of Akia Shawnta Eggleston

Tawana K Watson

On February 3, 2022, police announced that Michael Robertson, the father of Akia Eggleston’s unborn child, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder for the deaths of Akia and her unborn child.

Investigators used interviews, social media messages, and financial records to build this case against Robertson, and to reconstruct Akia’s final days.

The prosecutor stated that Robertson lied to investigators regarding relevant details of his relationship with Akia and actions surrounding her disappearance. Investigators uncovered an intense argument between Akia and Robertson that occurred the night before she disappeared. According to Akia’s cell phone records, Robertson was the last person in contact with her before her disappearance.

According to a review of Michael Robertson’s internet search history, investigators found 18 distinct searches regarding trash pick-up, landfill, or dumpster pick-up in Baltimore city. Investigators visited the landfill but due to safety regulations due to hazardous gases, the investigators were prevented from digging more than four feet down.

It is believed that Robertson misled Akia into thinking that they were going to move in together and build a life together with their unborn child. Robertson made up a move-in location which led to Akia withdrawing money for the down payment.

Commissioner Michael Harrison made a statement that the arrest of Michael Robertson, “is an example of the hard work and dedication the entire (police) department puts forth to solve cases...and it is my hope that we will now be able to gain some answers to long-standing questions in order to bring closure to this case. We continue to work tirelessly to solve cases, make arrests and hold those responsible for criminal behavior accountable.” Akia Shawnta Eggleston’s body has yet to be recovered and Michael Robertson is currently awaiting trial.

This publication will continue to follow this case and will provide updates as they develop.

If you have information regarding this case please contact the following agencies;

FBI Baltimore Field Office at 410-265-8080

The Baltimore City Police Department at 410-396-2499

Crime Stoppers at 866-756-2587

If you would like to have a missing person highlighted please contact me directly at with the details of the case.

Akia Eggleston and 41-year-old suspect, Michael Robertson.Photo

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