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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder characterized by obsessive or repeating thoughts and rituals or compulsive behaviors. People who have OCD may have fears and worries centered around different things, which in the OCD world these different things are called themes. For example, an individual can have a fear or worry about germs or getting dirty and this theme is known, in the OCD world, as Contamination.

Paranoia is the feeling or thoughts that someone or something is threatening you, even if you don’t have evidence to prove that the threat is real. Thoughts are known as paranoid when no one else shares the same suspicion, there is no evidence for the thoughts and the thoughts are based more on feelings rather than facts. Paranoia can be mild or severe, it can make it difficult to operate daily.

The OCD theme of paranoia is when an individual has fears and worries about a threat and does rituals or exhibits repetitive behaviors to combat the threat. For example, an individual who has the OCD theme of paranoia may believe that someone is out to harm them. The individual does not know who the person is or when the person will harm them, but they believe that someone at some time will harm them. To combat this threat, the individual will put cameras throughout their house and monitor them constantly to make sure that they see the threat before it actually manifests.

OCD and paranoia are anxiety-based disorders, anxiety makes people feel more on edge and often makes them worry about if they are in danger at any given moment. Therefore finding the right treatment is very important. Treatment options can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication, support groups, or individual peer counseling. If you believe that you are suffering from OCD with any of the themes, or if you believe you are just suffering from paranoia alone schedule an appointment to talk with your doctor. If your symptoms begin to interfere with your daily life contact a doctor right away. If you need help with locating affordable mental health resources please email and inquire about their referral assistance program.

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