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Missing Woman Found in a Delray Beach, FL Storm Drain Three Weeks Later

Tara Blair Ball
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Missing for three weeks, a 43-year-old woman was found inside a storm drain not far from a Delray Beach hub. She was incapable of standing or sitting on her own and clearly was suffering from deydration and possibly other ailments.

Early Tuesday, a decent Samaritan heard hollering coming from an Atlantic Road drain.

Once she was recovered, the lady told officials she took a dip in a waterway close to her sweetheart's home in West Delray Beach on Walk 3.

While swimming, she reported that she found an entryway followed by several passages. She strolled in and proceeded to get lost.

After 9 p.m., she was reported missing.

After wandering in the passages for some three weeks, she eventually saw light. She was able to get near to it and was able to see and hear people just outside. That's when she started shouting to get their attention. She caught the attention of one women who was in her car with her windows shut.

The lady had only a few scratches, but was very dirty and grimy, which makes sense if she was, in fact, missing for three weeks. She also struggled to sit or stand and was clearly suffering from dehydration.

The lady, enveloped by the sheet, talked momentarily with her rescuers and a couple of officials before she was taken to Delray Medical Center.

The lady will presently go through a psychological and mental evaluation. Her mom told police she has a past filled with psychological instability and is known for having drug problems. Her loss within the sewer system could have been caused by rampant drug use, but it's unclear what the woman was drinking or eating in order to be able to survive for three weeks without both. She was dehydrated, but not severely enough to account for no fluids taken in at that time.

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