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The Top 3 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

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It's the city of angels and the wildly wealthy. Why would we think their homes wouldn't also be both saintly and sinfully amazing? If you're needing an escape from your day-to-day drudgery of waiting for your next Amazon delivery and waiting on your stimmy, here are some mansions for the ones with true and inconceivable amounts of wealth.

1. 908 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077-$99,000,000

If there could be such a thing as a "modern" palace, this would be it. The geometric profile, all of the lines. The property details even describe it as "formed with surgical precision." Just the bar area is large enough to be in an actual restaurant. You can imagine anyone from celebrities to supermodels basking in or beside the 90-foot infinity pool.

Situated at the top of a hill, the views of the countryside and not-too far away cityspace make for a literal masterpiece of a living space.

At 34,000 square feet, this home has 9 beds and 20 bathrooms. TWENTY! Two covered balconies face the pool and also have uninterrupted views of the lush jungle-like countryside. This is a home you'd imagine more in a magazine or high-box office movie, not on Realtor.com.

2. 2571 Wallingford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-$85,000,000

Just right outside LA in the iconic 90210 zip code, this home has a pool unlike I've ever seen before. It boasts that it has the "biggest zero edge pool in BH," and it certainly seems so. Matched against the impeccable style of the inside of the home is the oddity of the indoor sports complex, which includes "basketball, pickleball, gym, boxing ring." Pickleball? Whatever suits the fancy of the truly rich and famous, I guess.

This home is 38,000 square feet with 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms. I'm not certain why anyone would need twice the number of bathrooms as bedrooms, but this house is prepared for everything. There's also a "guest penthouse, caretaker house, 2-bdrm guardhouse, 10 car garage & parking for 80." If you've got a cool $85 million to drop, or can afford the $401,309 monthly mortgage, this home is surely want you'll want to host several events at.

3. 1060 Brooklawn Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077-$75,000,000

This one looks more akin to an English palace. Everything looks meticulously handcrafted, from the moldings to the paneling to the tasteful columns. The gardens definitely resemble the grounds of an English manor, manicured shrubbery, well-appointed water features.

This home has 13 bedrooms and 12 and a half baths, a more modest offering in a still whopping 15,000 square foot home. It also has tennis courts, a modest-sized pool in comparison to the other two behemoths, plus a large green space, possibly for fun games like cricket?

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