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Coyotes at Stanford Dish Loop Trail(11/6/2021)


I took a walk at Stanford Dish Hiking Trail this Sunday morning(11/6/2021) and saw at least four coyotes. Here are the video and pictures.

Youtube Video:

I came to Stanford Dish Loop Trailhead at 6:30am, when the gate was just open. It was quite dark at the time. Sunrise time was around 7:30 when I arrived the Dish.
StanfordDish01Tao Hong

Near the Dish area, I first saw something was moving on the hill far away. After zooming in, I found it's a coyote running.
coyote02Tao Hong
coyote01Tao Hong

It ran down the hill and ran toward the trail.
coyote03Tao Hong

The coyote ran then stop. It seems like it was chasin and catch a some animal such as mouse or mole.
coyote04Tao Hong
There were actually a group of coyotes, at least 4. I took pictures which caught three of them in a shot.
coyote08Tao Hong
coyote05Tao Hong

The coyotes actually crossed the trail when there were people walking nearby. They seems do not have fear with people. Of course, people didn't bother them but did stop by roadside to watch.
coyote06Tao Hong

After zooming in picture, a coyote looks quite beautifully.
coyote07Tao Hong
coyote07Tao Hong

We saw coyotes running toward the direction of the tower and the campus for a while.

Then they stopped and returned back.
coyote08Tao Hong

They are a family. They were playing and chasing each other.
coyote09Tao Hong
Even if without encountering those coyotes, walking along the scenic dish trail was a great experience.
StanfordDish02Tao Hong

In past years, especially before the Covid19, I often took a walk on the Dish Trail during weekend. I saw coyote many times. But this was the first time that I saw more than two of them all together as a big family.

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