Montreal, MO

Hi! I am Tanvi, and I am a creative thinker turned copywriter. I help entrepreneurs and businesses craft compelling content and copy to badass their brands and make lasting impressions on their audience. I also assist in editing and revamping old content to convert its confused, crummy, 'blah' feel to a crisp, orderly, and 'aha' one. ~When I am not playing the role of a wordsmith or journalist, you may find me gaming or strumming my guitar and humming my favorite songs.~ > Connect with me if you are tired of crummy writing and want to experience what the world of quality copywriting and marketing looks like. >> I am always happy to assist new writers find their voice and ease their struggle. >>> I am probably looking for my next favorite client right at this moment while you're sipping your coffee (or not) and looking for a proficient writer. So,*ahem*, if you're looking for one badass copywriter, don't hesitate to hit me up at >>>> I take up both B2C and B2B projects. >>>>> I am here on Newsbreak to help you stay in touch with the world around us. Are you ready to get the feels and be inspired with news that matters? P.S. Some news stories may send a chill down your spine * -.- * so read at your own risk. \m/