Kinesiology taping is all the rage these days.

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What used to be a specialty tape for the elite athlete, can now be found at drug stores, and many insurance policies even pay for the expensive tapes. 

Let’s look at the facts and benefits of using kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is a thin, waterproof, elastic tape that comes in various colors and patterns. The application of kinesiology tape, or KT, has become popular for athletic and athletic-medicine applications, but in recent years, athletes from a wide range of sports have started embracing KT.
Kinesiology taping is all the rage these days.Maksim Goncharenok / Pexel

Kinesiology tape has been around since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that athletes started turning to tape for injuries, rather than using a traditional ice or heat therapy. Kinesiology tape is a form of elastic therapeutic tape used to help treat several healthcare conditions, including muscle, back, and joint pain. Kinesiology tape is an elastic, hypoallergenic, non-latex tape, applied to the skin for pain relief and muscle support.

Some of the benefits, according to athletes with KT experience, include:

  • Pain relief. “It pulls your muscles and tendons tight, so when you put pressure on it, it helps with pain,” says Kyleigh Murphy, a 25-year-old triathlete who competes in Ironman competitions.
  • Stability. “Because it stabilizes my muscles, it helps with injury prevention,” says Murphy. “Even if you’re just warming up, your form is better, and your injury risk is reduced.”
  • Increased blood flow. “The tape stimulates blood flow to your muscles, so you can get more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles,” says Murphy. “You’ve got more blood flow, and that helps with recovery.”
  • Body awareness. “When you’re wearing it, you become aware of your posture,” says Murphy, who says she notices how her alignment affects her performance. “Your posture affects your form and movement, so it gives you feedback.”

In 2002, the Journal of Athletic Training published an article detailing a study in which athletes applying kinesiology tape to their injured knees experienced a 43 percent reduction in pain and swelling, compared to athletes who underwent conventional treatment. Since then, the practice has become increasingly popular in professional sports, as well as with amateur athletes.

Kinesiology taping is unlike any other form of athletic taping. It’s a revolutionary, drug-free approach to performance and recovery that has been used to increase athletic performance, decrease recovery time and increase muscle performance.

The kinesiology tape is elastic, breathable, and lightweight. It stretches with your skin and is gentle on the skin and doesn’t restrict your range of motion. The tape works by applying pressure to the muscles, which encourages blood flow and speeds up the healing process.

The tape promotes better posture, increases flexibility, and helps relieve chronic and acute muscle pain. It can even help athletes avoid injuries. Kinesiology tape also improves lymph circulation, which speeds up the removal of toxins from the body.

Kinesiology tape, or athletic tape, is a thin, elastic tape that has been designed for use on skin and muscles. Kinesiology tape is said to promote blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce strains and sprains, relieve pain, support muscles, and joints, and ultimately speed up healing.

The tape is made of cotton fiber and thermoplastic elastomer and comes in varying thicknesses. Kinesiology tape can be applied by medical professionals, or by athletic trainers or coaches. Kinesiology tape is most commonly used to treat back pain, muscle strains, and joint pain, but has also been used to treat other ailments such as ankle injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and tennis elbow.

Some professional athletes, including NBA and NFL players, use kinesiology tape to enhance performance. Kinesiology tape’s mechanism of action is complex and is still being researched. Some studies suggest that the tape’s elastic properties increase blood flow to the area, and others suggest that it decreases pain signals from damaged tissue.

Unlike other performance and recovery methods, Kinesiology Tape is easy and very comfortable to wear. It does not restrict your range of motion and allows you to continue with your day as you normally would. Avoid those hours driving home from work or sitting in a pulsing massaging chair! It gives relief from muscle pain. Improve posture and flexibility. Save yourself time and money!

Kinesiology tape is used with all kinds of sports. Football players use it on their muscles if they’ve been playing a lot and are sore from practice. It has proven to help them heal faster by getting their blood pumping. Many runners use the tape, too. After a long run, they may feel a strain or pain in their legs or back that the kinesiology tape will help relieve. 

KT is the new Wonder Tape! This miracle product allows you to get fit, and play twice as long, thanks to its amazing healing powers. It’s the tape that athletes trust, and it’s changing the world (or at least your elbow) one elastic strap at a time.

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