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Tackle These Home Tasks Before the First Snow

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If you've lived in a colder state for long, you know that while it's still fall right now, winter weather is just barely around the corner. Preparing your home for winter is key to taking the best care of your investment, whether you just bought a new home in a colder climate are planning on selling your home soon, or just want to extend the life of your home.

We have some tips to help you get ready for cooler weather. Make sure to tackle these home tasks before the first snow falls.

Take Care of Outdoor Plants

If you have potted plants outside that you've been caring for all spring and summer, consider whether you might be able to extend their life by bringing them inside. Many plants that are considered annuals in this climate can actually continue to thrive if they are given an indoor environment.

Joe Hayden, Louisville Realtor says, "Check for pests before bringing any plants inside to avoid an annoying surprise, and check with your local nursery to see if there are any special tips you should keep in mind."

Even if you don't bring the plants inside, consider storing your ceramic or terra cotta pots in the house or the garage to avoid damage from cold weather and storms.

Tree Trimming

Before heavy snow begins to build up on trees around the property, consider whether any of them are due for trimming. Branches can become heavy when they are covered in snow or ice, and even bare branches might be damaged by thunderstorms or wind, with the potential to damage the house, fall on a vehicle, or even injure a person on the property.

Figure Out Your Snow Removal Plan

There's no way around it: living in this climate means dealing with some major snow for the season. Think about your snow removal plan for the year, taking into account the time you have to put into it and whether you need to be aware of safety concerns.

While shoveling or blowing your own snow can be a great workout and is a task some people enjoy, you may be surprised to find that the expense of hiring a snow removal service is more than worth it for you. Consider getting a few quotes from nearby services and getting on their roster early in the season.

Check Your Roof

Before the weather makes it hazardous, check on the condition of your roof. For many homeowners, the best way to do this is to hire a professional. Having someone inspect the condition of the roof before the snow begins to fall is key because it gives you time to address any problems before it's too late in the season. That way, if you need to order any new shingles or have some repairs done, you have time before the first storm.

Check for Drafts and Replace Your HVAC Filter

Making sure your home can be efficiently heated is key to saving you money and keeping the home comfortable for the season. Check for any drafts around windows and doors and repair the weatherstripping if necessary. Even in a new home or one that was checked just last year, settling and wear and tear can cause normal gaps to form.

Your HVAC filter should be changed regularly, but especially during the winter. In order to work as well as possible, and keep your bill as reasonable as possible, you need a fresh filter. This winter preparation is one of the fastest and most affordable projects on your list, so don't miss it.

Stock Your Emergency Supplies

Snowstorms and blizzards are just part of life living in a colder climate. Prepare for winter storms early by stocking up on your emergency supplies now, rather than waiting for the forecast and shopping with the rest of your community. Basic medical supplies, candles and flashlights, extra blankets, bottled water, and some non-perishable food items will go a long way in case your power is affected for a time.

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