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Lighting is one of the most influential elements of a design, but it can often be overlooked or considered as an afterthought. The lighting you choose for your remodels is one of the design elements that will make the biggest impact on theĀ feelĀ of the space.

One of the most important factors in any remodeling project is the team of experts you choose. A great remodel designer and contractor will walk you through every step of the planning process, showing you how your plans will look through advanced 3D technology. Licensed and insured contractors will execute the plan with attention to detail.

If you need help deciding which lighting to choose for your renovation, we have some tips to help.

Artificial versus Natural Lighting

Every design should incorporate both natural and artificial lightinga, if possible. A variety of light sources will provide a dynamic design that can be customized at different times to create different atmospheres.

If the space you are remodeling is not currently well-lit from natural lighting sources like doors, windows, and skylights, consider whether adding some is an option. You may be able to accomplish this simply by changing the window coverings in the space, swapping out existing windows for larger replacements, or trimming landscaping outside the window that is blocking light. Another option is swapping out your current door for something with windows that will let in more light.

If adding windows is not an option, but the room is too dark during the day, consider the option of a solar tube. These creative solutions funnel sunshine from the rafters through reflective tubes, providing abundant sunshine from the ceiling for a fraction of the cost of installing a skylight. These are especially popular in your sunny Southern California environment.

Artificial lighting in any space should come from multiple sources, if possible. Consider how you can incorporate both overhead chandeliers and recessed lighting with lamps throughout the room.

Size and Scale

As you begin looking for lighting fixtures, keep in mind that the size and scale of the room will influence how the fixture looks when it is installed. Choosing a chandelier that is small or subtle can end up looking cheap in a room that is large or has high ceilings. We can help you make sure the fixtures you choose are not only functional to light the room, but will also look elegant and appropriately sized in the space.
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Consider How the Space is Used

When you plan your lighting for each room, consider how it will be used. Many rooms might be used in multiple ways, like a living room where you may host a lively party, enjoy a movie with the family, or curl up with a book. Different scenarios will call for different levels of light.

Design your lighting so that it can be turned on or off in layers, allowing you to customize how brightly lit the space is at any given time. A similar effect can be achieved through lights on dimmers, but many people find they prefer the customization of having overhead lighting and lamps available to turn on individually.

Smart Home Features

Adding smart home technology to your design is a great way to make your lighting even more customizable. All lighting in your home, even the shades you install on your windows, can be incorporated in a smart home plan so that you can fully control the lighting and mood of a space from your phone. This is also a great way to make sure you are being energy efficient, flipping off any lights that are left on when you leave the house or know that a room is vacant.

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