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Are you in need of a new mailbox? There are so many options available and choices to be made when you are looking to replace your mailbox. One of the most important factors homeowners are looking for is security because of mail theft. So with this in mind, what type of mailbox should you choose?

What type of mailbox should you choose?

The type of mailbox you should choose for your home will be based on how you use it. The type of security and consistency in mail delivery plays a huge role in your mailbox choices. Mailboxes come in so many different shapes and sizes and can even be custom-made. There are several mailbox styles to choose from including mail slot, wall-mounted, column-mounted, and free-standing.

Mail Slot

A mail slot mailbox is the most secure and private mailbox option that connects directly to your front door. This makes it so mail cannot be stolen. A lot of people dislike the mail slot option simply because it can appear messy when the mail drops through the slot it can be all over the floor inside your front door. Larger packages and deliveries cannot fit through a mail slot so they will have to be left on your porch.


A wall-mounted mailbox is directly attached to the wall of your house. A wall-mounted mailbox is secure and has locks so that there is less risk of mail theft. These mailboxes have a wide variety of sizes, but may be too small to fit large packages.


A post-mounted mailbox is the most common mailbox you will see. This is used in residential areas and the mailbox is along the curbside. They are usually weather resistant and attached to a post or pole. Post-mounted mailboxes make mail delivery easy for mailmen as they do not have to walk up to your door. These do make it easier for mail theft if they do not have a lock and they are usually not large enough for large package delivery.


A column-mounted mailbox is known as the most sophisticated version of the mailbox. This mailbox is built into a column at the end of the driveway. These are a more secure version of post-mounted mailboxes. These mailboxes will require you to walk to the end of your driveway to get your mail.


Free-standing mailboxes are the least popular and are known to be targeted by thieves. They are the perfect option for those that expect large parcels. These mailboxes are bolted into the ground to prevent them from being tipped or stolen off your property.

In Conclusion

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, so much of the focus is on the structure of the home and you forget other aspects of the property like the mailbox. Take all of these options into consideration as you are looking to replace your mailbox.

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