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Breast cancer is a dangerous and common disease among women. In fact, the incidence of this cancer among women is so high that it has become practically worrying. In addition, breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer among women after lung cancer. But the cause of breast cancer death is only because of its late identification and treatment.

Nowadays medical science can treat breast cancer well. Provided that the patient does not proceed late for treatment. Therefore, the World Health Organization has been trying to get a global awareness of this cancer by launching various promotional campaigns. If women are familiar with this cancer and their symptoms, breast cancer will be seriously reduced by the disease.

Since being a woman is spent on breast cancer for the person, then every woman should take breast cancer seriously and not in vain that it is immune to the disease, such as age or observance of a healthy lifestyle.


In this article, we intend to talk about one of the cases of breast cancer at a relatively low age.

Ms. Angelina Jolie, from Hollywood's prominent actors, is one of the people undergoing breast cancer surgery. In the following, we look at the experience of Ms. Julie from breast cancer, from his therapist's perspective. This experience refers to useful and important issues about breast cancer.


Experience of breast cancer

In 2013, a genetic test found that Angelina Jolie had a higher chance of developing breast cancer because of the BRCA1 gene. That’s why they decided to undergo double prophylactic mastectomy, or preventive mastectomy, to prevent breast cancer.

As a member of her medical staff, I was truly impressed by Ms. Julie’s courage. Because despite their place in the cinema and the impact that the news might have had on their reputation, they continued to insist on their decision, took the risk, and underwent mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Today, after eight years, Ms. Julie’s poetic action is still inspired by many high risk women for genetic testing. Because the fact is that hereditary genes are one of the most important causes of breast cancer along with other factors. Therefore, every woman who has a family history round or close to breast cancer should be careful and perform diagnostic tests.

The media of Ms. Julie’s decision made many women familiar with the concept of preventive mastectomy and chest reconstruction. The media called this awareness called “Angelina Julie”. For myself as a doctor, this is an incentive, and an example of a woman who was able to have such a great positive impact on the lives of others.

I personally have seen women whose life has been saved as a result of public awareness from the work of Angelina Jolie.

Over the past eight years, breast risk assessment techniques continued to progress. Today, we know that the genetic mutations of BRCA genes are only two of the countless mutations that can significantly increase the risk of breast cancer. Multi-gene panels today have identified different types of genetic mutations that can cause breast cancer. Including mutations of genes: Chek2, PALB2, PTEN, TP53 and … .

Identifying these dangerous genetic mutations to better assess the risk of breast cancer during the lives of women.


Today, we know several factors in family history that can require breast cancer genetic testing. Family factors that should be subjected to breast cancer genetic tests:Today, we know several factors in family history that can require breast cancer genetic testing. Family factors that should be subjected to breast cancer genetic tests:

-Individual history of breast cancer, including double-sided breast cancer or negative breast cancer until the age of 60

-Individual history of ovarian cancer

-Family history of breast cancer before 50 years old, in two distant families or members of the family, including sister, mother or girl

-Having a nearby male family, which is infected with breast cancer

The chance of breast cancer in women undergoing preventive mastectomy is reduced by about 90%. However, you should consider the impact of this important decision on your individual life. Remember that mastectomy is practical for complete evacuation of breasts and deal with this issue may not be comfortable for everyone.

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