Skin changes in breast cancer

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Introduction to breast anatomy

Women's breasts are made up of fatty tissue, lobes, lobules, milk ducts, lymph nodes, and blood vessels.

Breast adipose tissue

This tissue covers the clavicle to the armpits and areas of the chest. Nerve cells and blood vessels are also found in this tissue.

Lobs and lobules

These are actually different parts of the chest that are made up of 12 to 20 sections. The smaller parts of the lips are called lobules, which are the mammary glands.

Lymphatic and vascular nodes

Lymph nodes and vascular glands supply blood to the breast tissue. It can be said that cancer and the growth of cancer cells can enter the breast through blood vessels.

Lymph nodes are actually clusters of cells that have a filter-like feature that is the first place where cancer spreads in most cancers.

Changes in the skin of the breast

Skin depressions or sagging breasts can be a sign of breast cancer. Of course, stretch marks can also be caused by benign lumps in the breast.

Another skin change is the appearance of skin similar to orange peel.

Discharge from the nipple

Nipple discharge is seen in different colors or in terms of concentration can be dilute or thick. Nipple discharge is also a possible sign of breast cancer. This symptom can sometimes be caused by a breast infection, side effects of taking some birth control pills, hormonal and physiological changes, or thyroid disease.

Swelling in the lymph nodes

The lymph nodes are in the axilla, which act as a filter and attract cancer cells. If breast cancer develops, the cancer cells will swell when they reach the lymph nodes. Of course, it should be noted that the lymph nodes can also be caused by infection and other diseases.

Feeling of pain in the chest

Breast cancer and changes in the breast Even a lump will often be painless. However, if people experience pain in this area, they should see a breast surgeon immediately to determine the cause.

Nipple indentation

Another possible symptom of breast cancer is cellular changes in the area behind the nipple. The resulting changes can cause indentation or resizing of this area.

Existence of swelling

Swelling in part or all of the breast can be a sign of a cancerous mass. Most women experience a difference in the size of their breasts naturally. But when this change in size is accompanied by stretching of the skin and is more than normal, the possibility of a mass in the breast should be given.

Common signs of breast cancer

Here are some symptoms of this cancer:

Existence of a lump or bulge on the chest or armpit

Breast resizing

Feeling pain and not healing

Sudden and unexplained discharge from the nipple

Pimples or sores on the skin

Inflammation and redness or darkening of the breast skin

Depression of the breast skin

Nipple depression

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