Take these 8 signs of breast cancer in men seriously

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Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer is not limited to women and men also get breast cancer. Of course, the incidence of breast cancer in men is significantly lower than women, and it can be said that one in every 100 cases of breast cancer occurs in men, but it is necessary for men to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer in men to be able to take timely action. Maintain your health.

Unfortunately, most cases of breast cancer in men are diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Part of this is due to ignorance of the fact that men also have breast cancer. Here are eight early signs of breast cancer in men.


Symptoms of breast cancer in men

1- Masses inside the breast

Most men with breast cancer notice a hard, painless lump on their chest muscles behind or near the nipple area. These glands are different from the masses caused by gynecomastia (benign enlargement of the breasts in men) or the growth of breast tissue due to hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia usually presents as a compact, moving, soft mass behind the nipple. But breast cancer masses are not motile or soft, but rather hard and do not move easily under the skin. Medical imaging and sometimes acupuncture are needed to make sure the lump is cancerous.

2- Change in the shape and size of the breast

In addition to the appearance of a lump inside the breast or its muscles, men may notice unusual changes in breast size. This change can take the form of a gradual or even overnight increase in breast size. The shape of the breasts may also change. These changes often occur painlessly and are very minor.

3- Nipple changes

If you notice a change in the appearance, shape and texture of your nipples, see a doctor because nipple changes are a significant issue in 40 to 50% of men. These changes may take the form of shrinkage, indentation, redness, scaling, or nipple discharge. The main reason for nipple contraction is the presence of cancerous tissue that sticks to the skin and muscles of the breast. However, nipple contraction in men may also be due to benign diseases.

4- Skin changes

Sometimes the first sign of breast cancer is a change in the skin of the chest. These changes can take the form of redness of the skin or a skin rash and swelling or accumulation of fluid in the chest muscle tissue. These symptoms are similar to those of an infectious disease. In most cases, skin rashes or vague redness of the skin are not taken seriously because the patient may consider these symptoms as wear and tear from physical activity or even an untreated wound. Other noticeable skin changes are the appearance of a small, hard bump or sore on or near the nipple.

5- Chest secretion

Breastfeeding can be normal in women, even those who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. But not so with men. In fact, it is often the first warning sign of breast cancer in men. Usually men do not pay attention to these discharges and this is what makes them realize the main problem. This discharge can be clear or accompanied by blood, and the patient notices it through the stains on his clothes. If you notice any discharge, see a doctor right away.

6- Feeling pain in the chest area or its tip

Although breast pain is not a specific symptom and can be a symptom of many non-cancerous diseases, it may also be a symptom of breast cancer. The pain of breast cancer is usually focal and persistent and has nothing to do with any injury or physical activity. This pain often occurs in the nipple area. See a doctor if you have unexplained pain in the chest or nipple that has not resolved after a few days.

7- Bone pain

Because breast cancer in men is usually diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease, the cancer can spread outside the breast and other parts of the body. Breast cancer spreads more to the bones. In this case, bone pain is the most common symptom of this problem and causes men to see a doctor and be diagnosed with cancer.

8- Enlargement of lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are another area where breast cancer can spread. In fact, when a man gets breast cancer, it is more likely that the cancer will spread to the lymph nodes before the disease is diagnosed. See your doctor as soon as possible if you notice one or more painful lumps near or under your armpits.

What is the next step after seeing each of the signs of breast cancer?

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. In this case, mammography and ultrasound methods are used to further evaluate any suspicious injuries, and then sampling is performed. Although breast cancer is relatively rare in men (about one percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men), men need to know that it also exists in men. In other words, if you think you have one or more of these symptoms, there is no reason to delay the examination. Diagnosis of cancer in its early stages will have better results.

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