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Frisco Water Park is throwing a swim party for dogs that want to have fun

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In September, The Frisco Water Park will host Paws in the Pool. This event is for dogs only. Of course, your furry friends need to bring their humans.

Per the Paws in the Pool bulletin, “Once the Frisco Water Park closes to humans for the summer, we invite our dogs to come and play.”

Although most dogs like playing in water, some of them, such as bulldogs and pugs, have problems swimming. The big heads and flat faces make it hard for them to hold their heads up, according to the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine.

But dogs that enjoy water and socializing with other dogs will delight in making a splash at Paws in the Pool.

What you need to know before your buddy goes to the party

If you plan to take your furry friend to Paws in the Pool, read all the rules first. The staff will enforce them.

At this pool party, swim wear is not required for dogs. However, humans must wear swim attire to get into the water.

Also, the rules state, “Dogs must be sociable. Owners of aggressive dogs will be asked to leave at the discretion of the Event organizers. Event organizers have the right to remove any dog or owner.”

Tickets are required for dogs and humans. They are $8 each. You must purchase tickets before swim day, and you can only buy them online. They won’t sell tickets at the door for this event.

The event starts at 8:30am for small, elderly, and dogs with mobility impairments. Large dogs can swim at 12:30pm. Get your tickets soon. The 10:30am time slot already sold out.

Also, from 10:00am to 12:00pm, the Texas Coalition for Animal Services will offer “low cost vaccinations to the public”, per the Paws in the Pool bulletin.

Save the date for Paws in the Pool

Make plans to join the fun on September 10, 2022. If it rains, September 11 is the date.

If your best friend has a beautiful big head and fabulous flat face, no need to fret. You can bring a life jacket for the adorable pooch. But if your four-legged pal acts like water is only for drinking, Texas A&M Vet Med advises against throwing your doggy in the water or trying to make it swim.

Remember to read the rules before purchasing tickets for Paws in the Pool.

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