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Update: Frustrated migrant on a bus from Texas to NY calls 911

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Migrant on bus from Texas calls 911 to report passengers being held against their will -Annie Spratt/Unsplash

A recent NewsBreak article reported migrants on a bus from Texas to New York City demanded that the bus driver let them off in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, the New York Post obtained an audio clip of a 911 call made during that trip.

According to the NY Post, the Spanish-speaking migrant said,

“We’re in Chattanooga and some men have us held on the bus against our will. Our families are waiting for us. They won’t let us off and they are holding us against our will.”

The migrant continued,

“We are immigrants that are being sent to different places in the U.S. Now the driver is telling us we can’t get off until we get to New York. We are being forced to go to New York. I don’t understand why, if I was told I would be getting off in Chattanooga.”

The Post reports police were on the scene within a few minutes. But the bus was gone.

A short while later, the bus stopped at a park in Chattanooga. Dozens of migrants got off there. Ubers then picked up the waiting passengers and drove them to the airport.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote in a NY Post op-ed, “To be clear, any migrant who boards a bus from Texas to New York has signed an agreement to be transported to the city. All are provided food and water throughout the journey.”

Buses make several stops to refuel when transporting migrants from Texas. Since the federal government already processed and released the migrants, they can get off the bus at any of the stops, according to Renae Eze, Gov. Abbott’s press secretary.

However, Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for NYC Mayor Eric Adams, sees it from a different perspective. Per the same article, he stated, “For months, we have heard reports of families separated by Texas officials and put on buses against their will to New York City. This recording appears to confirm just that and may support legal action to protect the rights of these individuals and families.”

How do you see it? What's your solution to this issue?

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