Upset migrants on a bus from Texas demand the driver stop in Tennessee

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Migrants bused from the Texas border demanded that the itinerary not change -Ash Gerlach/Unsplash

The decision to skip a stop upset illegal border crossers on a recent bus trip from Texas to New York. The migrants demanded the bus driver stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They threatened to call the police if the driver didn’t let them off there, according to the New York Post.

Tennessee is a common stop for buses transporting migrants from Texas, per Fox News. Initially, this trip also included a Chattanooga stop.

However, “The unexpected change came after local authorities intercepted a Texas to D.C. bus in Georgia on Thursday, and threatened to arrest those aboard, according to several of the immigrants,” the New York Post reports.

“The immigrants seeking asylum are not considered illegal and have the authorization to travel in the U.S.”

They received envelopes from the state of Texas letting them know where to get off the bus, per the same report.

Two migrants followed through with the threat. They called the police, and the bus stopped in Chattanooga.

Some migrants left the bus, got into Ubers, and were driven to the airport. About five migrants remained on the bus to complete the trip from Texas to NYC.

Chattanooga is working to provide assistance at the drop-off location. The city will partner with nonprofit organizations to give the migrants snacks, blankets, or transportation to the airport. This should decrease the migrants' and bus drivers' stress.

Mayor Eric Adams will help migrants when they’re transported to NYC. He “plans to convert a luxury Times Square hotel into an intake center and shelter for as many as 600 migrant families.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott hired private security to ride on the transport buses. This is for the safety of passengers and drivers.

Gov. Abbott plans to continue providing relief to southern border communities overwhelmed by illegal migration.

What do you think government officials should do?

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