Spammers continue targeting Texas with unwanted texts and robocalls

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Spammers target Texas and other states with unwanted calls and texts -Photomix Company/ Pexels

The number of spam texts in 2022 surpassed the number of spam calls in Texas and across the nation, according to a robocalls report. Yet, spammers sent fewer of them in January than in February.

Did you notice the decrease or do you still feel bombarded?

“8.36 billion spam texts were sent in January 2022,” and “5.69 billion texts were sent in February,” per the report. While that’s an improvement, it’s still “20 spam texts for every person in the country”.

Texas is one of the top 10 states that text spammers targeted in February. California, New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and New Jersey round out the list.

Is your area code on spammers’ radars?

6.22 billion robocalls were made in February 2022.

Texas area codes 469, 936, and 830 are among the top 10 area codes that spammers, telemarketers, and robocallers targeted most in February. 469 is a Dallas area code. 936 is for Nacogdoches/Huntsville and the southern end of Houston. 830 covers the Texas Hill Country and a part of San Antonio.

The other top targeted area codes were:

  • 740 - Ohio
  • 520 - Arizona
  • 209 - California
  • 864, 843 - South Carolina
  • 765 - Indiana
  • 678 - Georgia

What you can do to stop unwanted calls and texts

Dan Graham, a Texas man, sues telemarketers. He sued one company last April. "In the last 11 months, Graham has filed 50 more lawsuits, and has made $75,000 in settlements!" KRLD reports.

Before taking legal action, there are various other steps to try. You can download a spam blocker. Also, some phones allow you to filter out spam in the settings.

When you receive a spam text, you can forward it to 7726 (SPAM). That's the Global System for Mobile Communications.

Another way is to report spam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They will share the complaint with over 3000 law enforcers for investigation. “We can’t resolve individual reports, but we use reports to investigate and bring cases against frauds, scams, and bad business practices,” according to the FTC’s website.

You can also register your cell or home phone and report unwanted calls on the National Do Not Call Registry. However, charities, surveyors, political groups, and debt collectors maintain permission to call you.

If you’ve registered already, there’s no need to do it again. Registrations do not expire. But you might want to verify that your number is on the list.

What if nothing works

If nothing works, you can do what Graham does—sue. His number is on the Do Not Call list--which didn’t matter to some telemarketers. He filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The calls continued. After nothing else worked, Graham took legal action. You have that option too.

Spam texts and calls have increased across the country. It's good February saw a significant dip in the numbers. But that’s not good enough. It’s time for the flood of spam calls and texts to stop.

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