Dallas County Sheriff’s plan to give some drivers gift cards instead of tickets

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The Dallas County Sheriff might have a nice surprise for you -Scott Rodgerson/Pexels

Can you imagine how happy it would make you if the highway patrolman who pulled you over gave you a gift card instead of a ticket? That's the plan in Dallas County.

When Dallas County Sheriffs stop drivers because of violations such as broken taillights or headlights, the drivers could receive gift cards to help with repairs.

A donation from Advance Auto Parts helped make this possible, according to a KRLD report. Drivers can use the $25 gift cards at the auto parts stores.

Jason Guerra, AAP Vice President of Operations, believes such programs can help build stronger relationships between communities and law enforcement agencies. He sees a comparison between law enforcement officers and the need for auto parts. When an officer stops someone for a traffic violation, it’s not a pleasant situation. In the same way, it’s not a pleasant situation when someone needs vehicle repairs, Guerra explained in the KRLD report.

Will Dallas County Sheriffs make it a habit?

It isn’t the first time Dallas Sheriffs gave gift cards instead of traffic citations. For the second year, they did so through a First United Bank partnership, according to NBCDFW. Each year, it happened in February for National Acts of Kindness Day.

This latest donation enables officers to give gift cards beyond National Acts of Kindness Day. Future donations and partnerships could increase how often drivers receive nice surprises instead of expected fines.

Dallas County Sheriffs manage several highways in and around the city, including sections of I20, I30, and I35.

Have you received anything other than a ticket when pulled over for a traffic violation? Tell us about it in the comments.

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