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Cyclists Depart from Buffalo for the 400-mile Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour

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In Buffalo, New York, over 300 cyclists from 34 states will travel 400 miles across the state for the 23rd annual Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour. They will start in Buffalo and end in Albany.

This tour is an 8-day situation, organized by a statewide non-profit called Parks & Trails New York. Founded in 1985, the organization works to expand, protect, and promote a network of trails, parks, and open spaces throughout the state.

By doing so, it improves the economy, health, and quality of life for many people in New York. Here's a video about the Erie Canal Bike Tour:

Some of the major programs at Parks & Trails New York include:

  • Healthy Trails, Healthy People (HTHP)
  • Canalway Trail Partnership

Healthy Trails, Healthy People (HTHP)

HTHP was founded in 2004. It is funded by grants from the Healthy Heart Program and the Disability and Health Program at the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

To date, the program has helped out 38 different communities across 34 counties and helped build more than 260 miles of new trail in America. You can learn more about this specific program here.

Screenshot from Parks & Trails New York

Canalway Trail Partnership

Since 1995, this non-profit has worked in partnership with the New York State Canal Corporation to create a trail system that helps out nearby canal communities while also providing a good place for bicyclists around the world.

They specifically focus on:

  • Assessing and closing gaps in the trail network
  • Developing local interest in the trail
  • Generating support and interest in continual development
  • Hosting community charrettes

This is where the famous Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour falls into the equation, alongside their Adopt-a-Trail program, the Trail Ambassadors program, Canal Clean Sweep, and many more.

It looks like there's a little something for everything, regardless of age.

The 2021 Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour

All cyclists departed from Buffalo today on July 11, 2021 (a Sunday) and will arrive at Albany by July 18, 2021 (which is next Sunday).

As you can see below, Parks and trails New York even made a wholesome tweet to mark the occasion:

This event, one that occurs annually, was virtual for 2020. They returned this year with a reduced number of riders to ensure that they were compliant with the COVID-19 safety requirements of New York.

Each day, the cyclists will travel between 40 and 60 miles per day on the Erie Canalway Trail. You can follow the trail by click on this map.

You can also read the daily itinerary here. The itinerary suggests that these are some places of interest:

  1. Buffalo
  2. Medina
  3. Fairport
  4. Waterloo/Seneca Falls
  5. Syracuse
  6. Oneida County
  7. Canajoharie
  8. Schenectady
  9. Albany

A screenshot of the trail will be provided below as well:

Screenshot of the map from Parks & Trails New York

To participate in this bike run, you had to been fully vaccinated or at least have a negative COVID test within 72 hours at the start of the ride.

The executive director of Parks & Trails New York is Robin Dropkin. Robin had reportedly stated:

“Cycle the Erie Canal tour is a wonderful way to experience the Erie Canal. It’s fun, healthy and good for the economy."

It's great hearing that these kinds of things are happening in New York state. Hopefully, more events like this will happen soon. The people of New York need something to keep themselves busy, happy, wholesome, and fulfilled.

Plus, programs like these will promote exercise on top of environmental sustainability and advocacy, especially on a community level.

You can read more about the non-profit on their website, especially if you want to join the ride for next year, donate to them, or participate in their other programs. The people of New York need some happiness in their lives.

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