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Milford Boy's Woodworking Pandemic Hobby is Now a Thriving Business

Synthia Stark
Photo of Nathan from the McConnell family

Last year, in Milford, Michigan, there was an 11-year-old boy (who in the midst of the pandemic) was looking for something new to do. His name is Nathan McConnell.

He is now 12-years-old.

Nathan had reportedly said:

"I always liked building stuff, and I got bored one day and I just saw something online ... and thought, 'oh, I want to try to make that.'"

He decided to work hard, and build a side table that his grandma asked for and even completed it with a drawer.

Nathan's mom is Melissa. Melissa reportedly said:

"He was using whatever materials were here because I couldn't keep running into the store. So, yes, it wasn't very long, and he brings it in and that's when I was just like in awe that he built it."

Melissa decided to upload his handiwork onto a community Facebook page and the wonderful reactions apparently started pouring in.

Nathan even mused about this:

"Everyone was like, 'oh, my god, can I have one? Can I get one like this?' And it just kept going on and on, and I was excited. And there were so many comments and it was just super nice of everyone."

Since then, his pandemic hobby became a proper business. Nathan is the proud owner and founder of Nathan's Woodworx LLC. That's pretty amazing for the now 12-year-old.

You can read this wholesome post from his social media business page:

Currently, Nathan is crafting, developing, and selling all sorts of things, including flower boxes, cutting boards, and many more. His company even has a proper Facebook page. Plus, his whole family is involved too.

According to the mom:

"He hired me. I get to do some stuff now. I mean, I did some before, but I'm not the greatest employee yet. I have a lot to learn. So I'm allowed to burn and sand and I do all his marketing."

That's a pretty sweet gesture from the mom. As for Nathan, you can tell that he is a very talented person. He clearly puts a lot of effort, time, work, and care into each piece.

Even better, he knows his stuff, such as the different species of wood. He has a lot of knowledge surrounding his craft, and that's pretty beautiful too.

"There are so many different species of wood and grains and stuff like that. And it's just fun working with wood."

While working on the family farm, Nathan learned his building skills through his father. His mother helps with her eye and appreciation for repurposing.

As the mom suggested:

"I took them to a lot of antique stores, things like that, and we'd find old things and we would repurpose them. So I think when he goes to those places, he would see, 'oh, my gosh, mom, look at that board, I can make that,' or 'mom, look at that, I could make that.' And it was true, he could. Little did I know that he would and that it would turn into something like this."

It seems that Nathan has quite the talent and love surrounding his craft.

His mom even mused about his passion:

"The other day, I had to stop working for a little while to go pick up a scroll saw that he insisted he needed to have it ... he's acquired a lot of tools, just a couple he's not allowed to use by himself, that's all because they are very dangerous."

As for Nathan, he just wishes to make each item unique and stand out.

"I always watch woodworking ... eventually I want to make something that someone hasn't made before."

It's great to think that what started off as general boredom, blossomed into a passion, and now, a full-fledged business. Nathan has ambitious plans to take his craft onto the road, and even sell his pieces later in the month at the local farmers market.

Plus, there are so many amazing pieces to be found on his social media business page

With this unique talent and entrepreneurial spirit, I'm sure he will make many people happy in the years to come. If you live in or around Milford, Michigan, perhaps you might want to support this young man's journey. Hopefully, many good things will happen for Nathan.

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