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Denver CEO Encourages Celebrities to Offer Free Life Lessons to Students

Synthia Stark
Photo by Graham Williams of Impart

As of 2021, many people have a story to share, especially with the way the world is right now. In Denver, Colorado, the same can be said by many people.

If you’re a younger person, such as someone in high school, you probably have a lot of other stories involving how world events have impacted your ability to learn and socialize. 

While we are often told that school is the best years of our lives, Graham Williams wanted to make sure that graduates from Denver Public Schools would have something special to look forward to, and have a source of moral support when the times are tough.

Below, you can see the little letter that Graham wrote:

Graham Williams is the CEO and founder of Impart, which is a unique gift-giving company. Graham was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, so Denver has a big place in his heart.

Graham wanted to put together a graduation book that was filled with all sorts of life lessons and tidbits of advice from many of Colorado’s small and big celebrities.

According to Graham, this little book would be inspirational for some people. For example, students across varying circumstances might appreciate the kind gesture, such as the football player who didn’t get a chance to play all season, or the quiet bookworm who just wants something new to do.

As Graham reportedly stated:

“We’re big believers in the power of sharing life lessons, and we thought ‘Boy, we see a need in the community where these high schoolers have really had a tough time and shown their mettle, and we’ve got a platform where we can use the tools we have to put a gift in front of all of them.”

From the sounds of it, Graham wanted to show his appreciation for the students who had to overcome additional hurdles like distance learning, managing work-life balance, and many more. Plus, Graham has a kid of his own and likely wanted to be a role model for his kid as well.

Graham also stated:

“We wanted to say: ‘one, that the entire community is behind you and you’re not alone in this, and two, what a great job you’ve done in difficult times.’”

The book itself can be found online, and anyone can read it:

From the looks of it, celebrities from across Colorado, including news anchors, philanthropists, artists, and athletes have dropped pearls of wisdom in the 21-page book. Some of the celebrities included in the book are Peyton Manning, Phil Weiser, Ben Higgins, Ryan Van Duzer, Kathy Walsh, Keefer, and many more. 

They were all prompted with the question:

“If you could go back and tell your high school graduate self one thing, what would it be?”

Each provided a kind prompt to this question, as a means to help out current students who are struggling during these turbulent times. 

As for why Graham did this — Graham reported: 

“What we wanted to do was gather a diverse and inspiring set of responses based on different experiences, and we wanted those responses to resonate with the students of Denver schools.”

For now, it seems like a cool experiment. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have a group of famous people tell our youth encouraging words. If anything, it adds a little good into the world.

“We didn’t know what was going to come back when we made the request, but we were really gratified at how the community really rallied around the students, wanted to show their support…and how genuine the respondents were.”

Hopefully, these 21 pieces of wisdom can help someone out there, including some of the students in Denver, Colorado. If anything, there’s a life beyond the classroom, and students are going to need as many reinforcements as they need, especially when they make that big leap into the regular world. 

As for the rest of us, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the new generation of people who survived school during such turbulent times. 

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