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Denver Zoo Rhino Celebrates Birthday by Playing a Musical Instrument

Synthia Stark
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Birthdays are a special time for any person, regardless of where they live. In Denver, Colorado, a video has emerged showing a rhino at the Denver Zoo celebrating his birthday by playing the keyboard.

The rhino’s name is Bandhu, and he just turned 12-years-old on May 18. Bandhu has been making rounds on social media and has put a large smile on many peoples’ faces.

If you watch the clip below, you’ll see little Bandhu in action, playing a cute little melody that he had invented. The Denver Zoo uploaded it, with the caption of:

“Happy Birthday, Bandhu! Our resident male greater one-horned rhino turns 12 today! It might be his birthday, but Bandhu wanted to treat you all to a special song he wrote all by himself.”
“Using his prehensile lip to compose a tune is just one of the many ways we can use enrichment to mentally and physically stimulate the birthday boy. Look out for Bandhu in Toyota Elephant Passage on your next visit to Denver Zoo!”

As you can see, Bandhu is a one-horned rhinoceros and he seems to be quite good at playing the keyboard.

According to the Denver Zoo, rhinos are the only animals with a horn on the nose (instead of their head). They use their horns to plow the ground while looking for food and to help them with self-defense maneuvers.

Meanwhile, according to the International Rhino Foundation, the greater one-horned rhino is one of many rhinos that exist in the world, alongside the white rhino, the black rhino, the Javan rhino, and the Sumatran rhino.

Specifically, the greater one-horned rhino is native to places like southern Nepal and northern India, and only 3600 exist in the wild.
Screenshot from the International Rhino Foundation

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the greater one-horned rhino is one of the biggest groups of rhinos out there.

They used to be widespread across the entire part of northern India, but their population dwindled when people from many cultures and nations hunted them for sport. Since that time, there has been an immense recovery for the greater one-horned rhino, thanks to some of the great conservation efforts from wildlife authorities in India and Nepal.

The greater one-horned rhinos usually live in floodplain grasslands and adjacent woodland. They also like to graze on land, but also spend some time immersing themselves in water, where they may also graze on aquatic plants too.
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Initially, Bandhu was given something to eat in the video and then started playing on the keyboard. As Bandhu continued playing, Bandhu was continually fed.

Since the time of the video being uploaded, many people have taken to liking the tune, praising the song that the animal composed, while also giving the rhino some very kind well wishes.

One person commented,

“Omg he’s so talented!”

While another person commented,

“Best song ever!”

There are many more wholesome comments from the video, which goes to show, that even when the times are tough, people can appreciate a good video or two. Plus, Bandhu is a type of rhino that almost went extinct generations ago. The greater one-horned rhino has gone a long way since that time.
Photo by Louis L. on Unsplash

What do you think of this song and what do you think about rhinos in general? Were you surprised to learn that this rhino was capable of playing a musical instrument?

It’s amazing that animals are capable of playing music. One could say that some animals perform better than some people. As for the people of Denver, Colorado, perhaps more animals will perform wondrous feats.

If you still want to visit the Denver Zoo, just make sure to secure your ticket online and follow the safety guidelines listed on their website.

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