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Man Poses as Physician and Gets Caught by Denver Medical Authorities and a Caribbean Medical School

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Recently, here in Denver, Colorado, the Colorado Medical Board has had to order a man to stop using a fake Colorado medical license. Apparently, this same man was using a Colorado fake license in other countries.

He even managed to secure prominent jobs like medical professor and lecturer because of it. The man’s name is Osborne Embiruka Nyandiva. Osborne has been using other fake documents and diplomas to portray himself as a budding physician and scholar.

The deceit was discovered by the University of Health Sciences in Antigua, which is a private and for-profit medical and nursing school located in Falmouth, Antigua, which is in the Caribbean. 

Logo of the University of Health Sciences in Antigua

The administrators of that school spotted the forgeries when Osborne applied for a faculty position back in February. He seemed to have many diplomas and licenses suggesting that he was a physician who allegedly specialized in pathology. 

Pathology is the branch of medicine that concerns the origins, causes, and natures of disease. Pathology often involves examining organs, tissues, fluids, and other things like that. What a scary profession to pretend to be in, given current world events.
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Dr. Manuel Flores, Executive Vice-President For Academic Affairs at the university reported:

“He [Osborne] sent us his credentials — the font looked fake, and the license itself looked very fake….“Everything is very, very fake.”

Osborne’s fake Colorado medical license was dated April 8, 2015, and it claimed that Osborne was authorized to practice in Colorado state. Dr. Flores then contacted the Colorado medical authorities to alert them about the situation.

The Colorado medical authorities then investigated and determined that Osborne was never licensed to practice medicine in Colorado. They ended up having to send Osborne a cease-and-desist order.

Logo from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies/Colorado Medical Board (CMB)

The Colorado Medical Board was likely really confused and alarmed about the situation since it is pretty rare for someone to forge a license from Colorado, let alone pretend to be one. For example, only two other fraudulent situations have occurred since 2017.

Reporters and researchers ended up investigating his other credentials, his resume, and his diplomas. Osborne reportedly studied at a “University in Australia” but Australia doesn’t seem to have any records on Osborne either.

It’s scary to think that people like Osborne exist. He presents a major safety concern since legitimate patients would be in harmful situations, especially if they needed things like surgeries, diagnoses, and so much more.

With the creativity used to do this sort of thing — Osborne could have really studied another subject or craft. Instead, he used it for the purposes of bad. For now, the Colorado Medical Board is pursuing a heavy investigation on Osborne. Authorities from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda have also been notified. 

Always Research Your Physicians

For the people of Colorado, including those in Denver, it’s good to keep vigilant when it comes to your primary care physician. If you’re worried about something bad happening to you, consider: 

  • Documenting anything suspicious 
  • Researching your physician online 
  • Using the License Lookup tool from Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Affairs
  • Contacting the Colorado Medical Board 

You can see a screenshot of the License Lookup Tool below:
Screenshot from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

As you can see, if someone was pretending to be a physician in Colorado, it would be pretty obvious that they were lying after a quick search online. As to why Osborne chose Colorado, no one really knows why. 

Either way here’s to hoping that people are not crazy enough to pretend to be physicians. People have a lot to worry about as it is, whether it is the bills, thefts, rent, families, and so much more. The people shouldn’t have to worry about false physicians on top of that.

The people of Denver, Colorado deserve honesty when it comes to their health.

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