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Denver Police Warn Others About Robbery Spike in Apartment Parking Garages

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In Denver, Colorado, people often pay a lot of money to keep their cars in secure parking garages. The assumption is that such places are often safe, especially overnight, and especially if there are cameras in the area.

However, time and time again, thieves are finding their way into all these parking garages and are somehow taking things from inside the car, outside the car, and sometimes, even the cars themselves.

Imagine waking up to find that your whole car disappeared. Any one of us would be shocked, especially if we took some safety precautions ahead of time.
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The Denver Police have noted that crime generally increases during the warm weather months. Recently, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported that there were more than 200 robberies in Denver in 2021 so far.

We still have many more months to go — so who knows how many robberies will occur by the end of the year. However, from the sounds of it, this number has doubled from previous years. While the entire state of Colorado is suffering, Denver seems to be the hardest hit. 

So far, at least 40% of all these robberies included firearms. For example, thieves are stealing firearms from other peoples’ cars. This is particularly concerning to the Denver Police Department. According to Division Chief Ron Thomas, it’s best to keep them stored at home (to avoid people stealing them in the first place).
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Apartment parking garages are often a big hotspot for thieves, so it’s super important to secure your belongings and cars during this time of the year. In a social media post created by the Denver Police Department, they posted the following message:

“DO YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT COMPLEX DOWNTOWN? Does your complex have a shared parking garage? Do you use a fob to access your building? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you.
Burglaries in your area are on the rise. Suspects are making entry into main lobbies and then accessing the parking garage. While there, storage units and vehicles are being broken into. Suspects are taking anything of value, from packages, sporting equipment, and firearms to garage door remotes and key fobs. The last two items listed allow suspects easy in and out access to buildings and many times, they will target one location multiple times.
Investigators are working to identify and arrest these suspects, but we encourage residents to also take precautionary measures to help prevent these crimes of opportunity. Don’t let anyone you don’t know piggyback into the building when you are entering.
Don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle. Do not leave your garage door remote or extra key fobs in your vehicle; take them in and out with you as you come and go. And if you see any suspicious or criminal activity, report it immediately by either calling 720–913–2000 or call/text 911.”

To see the actual post, you can also read it down here:

From the sounds of it, more and more thieves are getting smarter and craftier. They’re finding their way into parking garages and are somehow escaping with their stolen goods. It’s a shame that people are this sort of thing, especially when people are left traumatized, worried, and scared.

Of course, we can still summarize some of the tips mentioned by the police and add some of our own suggestions here, such as:

  • Bringing a buddy to accompany you
  • Leaving nothing in your car (or keeping goods and valuables out of sight) 
  • Closing all of your vehicle windows 
  • Not keeping your doors or windows open for too long
  • Getting a locking steel bar
  • Locking your vehicle quickly 
  • Keeping a watchful eye on those who enter the parking garage
  • Being hyper-aware of your general surroundings 
  • Not sticking around for too long 
  • Calling the police for any suspicious activity
  • Alerting neighborhood watch groups or related apps 
  • Documenting prized possessions (like your car) with photos ahead of time 

It’s a tough situation to be in, and it’s terrible that many people have had their items and vehicles stolen. For now though, just make sure you are aware of any security measures in your area. For example, if you live in an apartment, then try to make sure you read through the security guidelines before signing that lease. 

The people of Denver, Colorado, deserve to feel safe — if anything, even if we can’t control the thieves, at least we can outsmart them and boost our line of defense against them. 

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