Washington State Man Loses $10,000 and Somehow Receives It All Back

Synthia Stark

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Most of the time, we would not exchange $10,000 for a simple homemade jar of applesauce. Yet, someone technically did that and it involved Golden Delicious apples that contained a lot of hard work, love, and kindness. 

One Washington State man received such a reward after returning the $10,000 that he found on the side of a road. You see, one man lost it, this other man found it, and then delivered all the money back to its rightful owner. 

Meanwhile, the rightful owner has since given him some tasty treats and will plan to do so for many days, months, or even years.

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Michael King had just taken the money out of the bank. Michael needed this substantial amount of money to cover a business debt that he had owed. You see, Michael is retired and he’s not making as much money as he used to.

Michael was so distracted and stressed about the situation involving his debt that he accidentally left his wallet on the top of his vehicle. Specifically, he accidentally left it on the bumper of his truck. Thus, he turned on the engine and headed for home — without his much-needed money.

Looking back on it, Michael is probably just as confused as the rest of us. Sometimes, when we are busy and stressed, we forget to do important things, like holding onto the money that we obtained from the bank (and leaving our wallets behind). 

Plus, it was a super big sum of money, and that loss could have been catastrophic.

Meanwhile, there was a man named Steve Harrison. Steve was headed over in the opposite direction when he spotted pieces of green floating in the breeze. He quickly realized they were paper money, pulled over, and snatched it all up.

Steve also found Michael’s wallet.

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Steve ended up pulling into a Costco parking lot where he counted all the money. He had one hundred $100 bills and three singles, meaning that he had $10,003 exactly. 

Steve was probably tempted to spend all that money. For a lot of people, they might have spent it out of sheer temptation. In the end, Steve did not fall into temptation and did the right thing. When Steve went shopping, he did not spend any of Michael’s money.

Then, Steve took the effort to track down Michael. He returned Michael’s wallet and bankroll, all in one piece. When others asked Steve about the situation, he reported that it was easier to not have the money than have it at all. 

“I never took seriously the notion of keeping it. It’s just simpler to do the right thing. Once I realized that there was an ID involved, I knew I would return the money.”

Finally, Michael managed to track Steve down and Michael and Steve decided to meet one another. Unfortunately, Michael did not have much to give Steve — Michael is a retired painting contractor. However, he did give him some homemade applesauce.

Surprisingly, Steve took it rather well. Sure, it was a jar of applesauce, but at least it was made with the love and care of Michael’s family. At least the gesture was pretty sweet.

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To top it off, Michael has continued to offer Steve some more homemade goods like home-smoked salmon, homemade blackberry jam, and many more. Maybe they’ll become good buddies. Maybe Michael will continue to provide tasty treats to Steve.

Whatever happens, at least we know that in Washington State, anything is possible — even the return of a previously lost $10,000.

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