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Cancer Surviving Girl Scout Sold Over 30,000 Boxes of Cookies and Donated Proceeds to Charity

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In San Bernardino, California is a wonderful 8-year-old with a heart of gold.

This 8-year-old is also a cancer survivor. Lilly Bumpus, who has been a Girl Scout for four years, reported selling over 32,484 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. She crushed the previous record of 26,000 boxes (which was sold within three months).

Lilly is using the proceeds from her Girl Scout cookie sales to give back to others, particularly those fighting cancer. Bumpus/Facebook

A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of America reported that they were applauding Lilly’s entrepreneurial ethic and effort, as well as her awesome goals, sales, and donations. While the Girl Scouts of America doesn’t track official top cookie sellers at the national level, they will recognize her talent.

Lilly’s troop includes other childhood cancer survivors or family members of someone who has battled cancer, and they are allocating a majority of the funds they raised toward cancer research. 

It’s going to be specifically divided up between the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, pediatric patients at various New York and Texas cancer facilities, U.S. troops overseas, and the homeless. Bumpus/Facebook

On social media, Lilly’s page reported:

“Lilly set the new national record for most boxes ever sold in one season (roughly 3 months time) with 32,484 boxes and each and every box fights for something besides her! Lilly was able to collect OVER 5,000 donated boxes of cookies that will be going to fellow childhood cancer warriors in the hospitals, to help feed the homeless in our communities and to our deployed troops!
With all of you by her side, with the fight of a warrior boothing outside our home, doing deliveries every day before school, after dinner and anytime we possibly could one box at a time, she’s able to create change bigger than we ever imagined! With her troop beside her, she will be granting $20,000 of the cookie funds to 2 different missions that she believes can change lives and she’s excited to tell them with her troop as both recipients don’t know! (Don’t worry I’ll be sharing along the way!!)”

You can see the full post in all its glory:

Lilly was born with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma. She has been cancer-free since just before her first birthday. Lilly’s mother is Trish Bauer. Trish reported that it was quite a long road for Lilly.  In fact, Lilly had to start a treatment that was made for adults at just three months old.

In the earlier mentioned social media post, her mother also wrote: 

“Dear world, childhood cancer isn’t rare and they can’t fight alone! It remains the lowest funded form of cancer research and because of that kids like my little girl who was born with it and is now a survivor fight to sell cookies to try to fix it. They can’t fight alone!”

It’s amazing to think that Lilly had the original goal of selling 5000 boxes but ended up selling 20,000 of them. Curiously, it might have helped that cookies were also sold online for two years in a row, and this year was the first attempt for Grubhub to engage in Girl Scout Cookie deliveries.

On another social media post, the mother posted:

“I woke up with chills this morning seeing Lilly in the news across the world in Germany then went searching in her order database to work on finishing her cookie world map so she could see all the places that donated one of her boxes of cookies this season and When I put in Germany….. a whole list pulled up of people who donated boxes through Lilly this season to go to her friends stuck in the hospital fighting childhood cancer FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE!!”

The daughter had apparently responded to her mother with: 

“The world hates cancer just like we do mom. It’s time for us all to work together to end it! End it for once and for all.”

You can see the full post below:

It’s great that Lilly sold as many cookies as she did and it’s great that her mother was there by her side. This just goes to show, even those who live in San Bernardino, California can do some pretty great things, all in the name of humanity.

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