New Jersey Plumber Drives Over 22 Hours To Help Texans In Need

Synthia Stark of Andrew Mitchell and Isiah Pinnock with photo credits to Isiah Pinnock

As we all know, a really intense ice storm hit Texas recently, which left a bunch of waterlines bursting like crazy. It also caused homeowners to scramble to find some viable solutions and some possible help.

With the local and meagre supplies exhausted, alongside an urgent demand for many important services such as the plumbers, it seemed that the much-needed repairs were just out of reach for many people that day. 

Despite all this, some heroes rose from the ashes and took to rescuing some of the calamities that had befallen some of the people in Texas. 

New Jersey plumber Andrew Mitchell, alongside his lovely wife Kisha Pinnock, their 2-year-old son Blake, and his brother-in-law Isiah Pinnock, took a 22-hour journey from Morristown to Houston. 

Isiah just became Andrew’s latest apprentice and the family made sure to load up the truck with over $2000 worth of materials. Once they got to Texas, they got to work in ensuring that many people were taken care of that night. of Andrew Mitchell and Isiah Pinnock with photo credits to Isiah Pinnock

From the sounds of it, a lot of the people that the family had helped had actually reported not being able to access a plumber. It seems that many of the plumbers were just overbooked and understaffed. For example, if someone managed to even get to a plumber by phone, they had to wait until three to four weeks, so it’s good that the family was able to help that very night.

First, Andrew went to visit his sister-in-law, who lived in Humble. During this intense storm, Kisha and Andrew had been keeping up with the sister-in-law until they learned about the situation in Texas, where they felt motivated to help others there.

There were also hundreds of Facebook posts where many local Texan plumbers were begging and pleading for extra support, which was another reason why Andrew and his family wanted to help those in Texas.

In a sense, moments like these bring out the best in people — people who are good at their craft should be able to use their talents to support those in need. Since the family felt that Andrew was good at what he did (the plumbing), it made sense for him to also go. by Wesley Caribe on Unsplash

After helping out the sister-in-law with her plumbing situation, word spread about Andrew’s efforts. The following days, Andrew and Isiah got to work helping an average of 6–10 houses between the long working hours of 7:00 AM until 2:00 AM of the next day.

One of the people that Andrew helped was a 71-year-old named Barbara Benson. Barbara was pretty relieved because she literally had a week without water because of a burst pipe. 

Barbara had contacted at least a dozen plumbers (if not more) and was told that it would take her a few weeks to get a plumber appointment scheduled. On top of that, she was told that the plumbers quoted well over $2000 for just the estimate alone. by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Thankfully, Andrew was able to charge clients only on prices that they could afford. Andrew didn’t want to do any price gouging, so he asked each client what they thought was fair. Andrew reported that he didn’t feel right about taking advantage of the situation — and so he did not do anything untoward.

Barbara was pretty pleased with the results and was pretty satisfied with the job that Andrew did. Barbara was also appreciative because she reported that people could have easily taken advantage of her financially, so she welcomed the honest efforts of Andrew and Isiah.

As for Andrew and his family, their original plan was to just stay in Texas for as long as their supplies lasted but decided that if the demand for their services was good, then they might restock more items in Texas. Perhaps they might even extend their little visit too.

Sometimes, when we are presented with devastation, it can be easy to see the darkness of such situations. However, time and time again, there will always be good people out there, ready to help those in need.

As for Andrew and his family, I’m sure that his hard work will not go unnoticed. In a sense, it’s almost like some people’s prayers were answered. 

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