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Strangers Help Out Woman for 5 Days During Texas Storm

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Public photo of the couple (Doug Condon and Nina Richardson) with Chelsea Timmons taken by Chelsea herself

In Austin, Texas, H-E-B grocery employee and delivery driver, Chelsea Timmons decided to make her last delivery for the day before heading back for home in Houston, Texas, as the roads in Texas were getting much slicker and colder.

In reality, Chelsea lived about three hours away and reasoned that she could make this one delivery and make it back home just in time, and just before the snow would fully pick up again.

Instead, Chelsea got stuck in the customer’s driveway. This would normally be a bad thing, but luckily for her, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise — but not before some scary moments first ensued.

First, she tried to move her car safely to the customer’s driveway, but the steep slope caused her and her car to slide downward. Chelsea attempted to tap the brake more and more aggressively but to no avail. She powerlessly watched as her car slid on its own.

Chelsea could feel the car physically sliding down the icy Texas driveway, and prayed long and hard. Chelsea’s heart nearly dropped as she saw that the car sliding towards the customer’s house. Chelsea closed her eyes and continued praying.

While this was happening, Chelsea managed to miraculously not hit the home (or anything else) but ended up crushing their flowerbed instead. On the upside, her car did not slide into any ditch or on the side of the road. If anything, the flowerbed offered some level of temporary protection.

Chelsea ended up texting the couple to let them know that she had their groceries, but was unfortunately stuck. Concerned for another person’s well-being, homeowners Nina Richardson and Doug Condon checked in on Chelsea to see if she was alright.

First, Doug came outside and tried to get her car up on the steep driveway. Then, the couple tried to help Chelsea with moving the car. Unfortunately, the Toyota Rav4 remained stuck on the flowerbed. When the plan to move it failed, Chelsea tried calling AAA from inside her car, to hopefully wait for a tow truck.

In the meantime, the couple invited her inside, while they waited for the tow truck. Chelsea was a bit anxious at visiting a random stranger’s home but relented after they politely encouraged her to keep safe.

The tow truck never arrived at all. With the state of the hilly neighborhood at the time, the deliveries going to the houses in the area were mostly back-dated purchases anyway.

AAA was full of hundreds of calls that moment as well, so that original plan to wait for the tow truck didn’t pan out well. Plus, there was no way AAA could get there considering the worsening weather. Instead, Nina and Doug decided that Chelsea could stay with them for the time being.

With the weather getting worse and worse, it seems that safety would take precedence over getting home. The roads were only going to get more and more dangerous, and driving for such a long distance would have been a bad idea anyway.

As for Nina and Doug, they have daughters themselves, so they know how it’s like taking care of other people. They took Chelsea under their wing, the weather had gotten much worse, and night had now fallen.

They decided to have dinner with her. They had steak with bleu cheese, broccoli, and salad. The trio was warm, bellies full. During dinner, they found out that Chelsea had dreams and aspirations to open a bakery in the future. Afterward, Chelsea offered to volunteer in making Nina and Doug some delicious coconut cake. They accepted.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1W5qbh_0Yh5fLii00Public photo of the coconut cake taken by Chelsea Timmons

Chelsea ended up staying with them for five days. She had slept in their spare bedroom, even got acquainted with their pet dogs, named Crosby and Haddie, and realized how lucky she was to survive the ordeal — with the help of some very kind strangers.

Chelsea also felt strange at trying to stay because she was unused to this level of hospitality and kindness from others. Chelsea proposed leaving to go to a hotel room multiple times to not be seen as a burden, but the couple were worried that she would be unsafe in her trek towards a possible hotel, so that was another reason why she stayed.

Chelsea also found out that her actual apartment completely lost all power and water, at roughly the time it would have taken her to get back home (back on the first day), so it turned out well that she ended up stranded at the couple’s home. It really was a good thing that she couldn’t drive home that night.

As the days went by, they monitored the weather meticulously. They shovelled bits and pieces of the driveway to try to get her car to inch it backwards, little by little. Eventually, the weather let up, and Chelsea was able to make it back room. The sun was even shining that day.

Now that this specific ordeal is done and over with, the couple and Chelsea plan to stay in touch, especially in the future. Chelsea is completely thankful for the hospitality of these two strangers, especially in the midst of the storm.

Even in the darkest of times, there is always good old-fashioned hospitality around the corner. Above all else, good acts always triumph over evil.

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